Personalized Gift Ideas

Giving gifts to others and being bestowed gifts by others is really a wonderful experience. A gift is a gift, it doesn’t matter if it is of low cost or high cost, it will always be treasured with equal value. It is not the money that matters, but the love contained in it. A gift with a personal touch of course shows how deep the other one loves and cares for us. Only some one close to our heart can gift us something with a personal touch. A personalized gift can be given at any time of a year, because it doesn’t need any special occasion. So if you want to bring smile on the face of your dear friends, loved ones, close relatives etc. gift them some thing with a personal touch.

Personalized Gifts For Women

Women usually prefer either a memorable lasting gift or a useful gift. Make the right choice after knowing her needs. Some of the items that can be gifted to women including your mother, sister, aunty, girl friend etc. are:

Personalized Photo Frames:

Gift a photo frame with her name and few words about her engraved on it.  

Greeting Cards:

Gift him a card which speaks your heart.

Key Chains:

Women will always like a cute key chain with her name engraved on it.


Gift her with jewelries like earrings, necklace, bracelets etc. made of gold or diamond.

Vanity Bag:

Women always carry a vanity bag with her. So it makes a perfect gift.


Pouches either of leather or synthetic clothes with bead works are good to be gifted.


Women who don’t wear make up is rare, so make her happy by gifting cosmetics.


A mirror with her name beautifully engraved on it gives a personal touch to your gift.


Girls will surely like a pink colored cosmetic bag with her name engraved on it.


Pen is a useful gift. So women will always like it.

Teddy bear:

Whatever the age may be, women will always like being gifted with a teddy bear.

Personalized gifts for men

It is really difficult to choose a perfect gift for man. Try to select gifts that suit his personality and interest which he will be able to cherish forever. Some of the gifts to be given for men including brother, fiancé, boy friend, father etc. with a personal touch are:

Greeting cards:

Gift her with a perfect greeting card with words which sounds same as the feeling of your heart.


Wallet is a perfect personalized gift suitable for men.


Dress items of his favorite color will give a personalized touch to your gift.


A wrist watch of his favorite brand is another remarkable thing to be gifted.

Mobile holder:

Gifting him a mobile holder that suits his mobile gives a personalized touch.


Gift him with pen of his favorite type. This makes him feel how understanding you are about his likes..

Personalized T-shirts:

Personalized T- shirts with his name or picture or good notes about him printed on it gives a personalized touch to your gift.

Personalized gift for friends

Friends are the special person who always stands by over side in all tough situations and thus we should always make them happy at least with some surprise gifts. Some of the personalized gifts to be given for our dear friends are:

Personalized coffee mug:

Gift your friend with a coffee mug with some special friendship notes and the friend’s name engraved on it.

Engraved key chain:

Buy a stunning key chain and engrave the name of your friend on it.

Personalized T-shirts:

Buy a trendy T-shirt of your friend’s favorite color with his photo printed on it.

Personalized bags:

Buy a trendy bag and either engrave your friend’s name or print your gang’s group photo on it.

Personalized travel gifts

Every one in the world likes tours and travelling. Gifting our dear ones with some personalized travel gifts adds more pleasure to the journey. Some of the personalized gifts to be given prior to journey are:


A travel bag with their name engraved on it is a perfect travel gift.


You can also gift an easy to use wallet with their name and personal details engraved inside it.


A passport holder with their name or photo printed on it gives a personalized touch.

Personalized apron:

Aprons with their name and photo engraved on it makes a perfect personalized gift.


A personalized kitchen towel with their name embroidered or stitched on it makes it a perfect one.

Personalized baby gifts

There is no one who doesn’t like babies. When planning to buy gifts for girl babies choose the items with pink color and if it is for a boy baby prefer pale blue color. Some of the personalized gifts to be given for babies are:

Photo frames:

Photo frame with baby’s name engraved on it is a perfect personalized gift.

Baby dresses:

Gifting dresses with baby’s name stitched on it will give a personalized touch.

Personalized wedding gifts

Wedding day is one of the most precious days in ones life. Make it sweeter with your personalized gifts. Some suggestions are:

Personalized photo frame:

Gift the couple a beautiful photo frame with wedding messages engraved on it along with the couple’s names. It adds a personal touch.


A love shaped pendant or a ring with the couple’s name on it gives a personal touch.

Personalized pillow case:

Beautiful pillow cases with the name of the couple stitched on it gives a personalized touch.