Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry, be it pearl necklace, pearl earrings or pearl rings is quite a rage among women these days. Pearl jewelry with its exquisite and traditional designs spells class, sophistication and royalty.

Faux pearl jewelry:

Faux pearl jewelry or fake pearl jewelry looks just like original pearls. Only those who have a sharp eye or look closely can detect the fakeness of the pearls

Generally, faux pearl jewelry has more shine than their original counterparts. Also, this type of jewelry might have round pearls whereas real pearls are rarely perfectly round in shape. It is easier to detect faux pearl jewelry if the pearls are of rose color ass real rose-tinted pearls are very rare and costly too.

If rumors are to be believed, former US first lady and wife of John F Kennedy used to wear faux pearl jewelry. Coco Chanel too was one of the great supporters of this jewelry as she matched strands of fake pearls with her clothes.

Freshwater pearls:

Fresh water pearls are those pearls which are cultivated in a lake, pond or river. Though Chinese have been cultivating Buddha-shaped freshwater pearls since the 13th century, Japan was the first country which cultivated freshwater pearls commercially.

China is one of the major producers of freshwater pearls in the world. Freshwater pearls are available in different colors like white, black, pink and gold and in different shapes and sizes.

Cultured seawater pearls:

Cultured seawater pearls are cultivated in salty water. These pearls are expensive as compared to freshwater pearls because every oyster contains only one pearl. These pearls can be cultivated in coastal areas of China, Japan, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Persian Gulf, Australia and the Philippines.

You may not find much variety in colors and shapes as far as seawater pearls are concerned. But the quality of seawater pearls is better than the freshwater pearls. South Sea pearls, Tahitian pearlsand Japanese Akoya are the types of seawater pearls available in the market all over. While it takes around two to three years for South Sea pearls and Tahitian pearls to grow, Japanese Akoya pearls can be formed between one to two years.

Pearl Rings:

There are different varieties of pearl rings available in the market. Most of the pearl rings have one pearl attached with a gold band or white gold band. Then there are rings which have the combination of pearls and diamonds. Price range for pearl rings starts from under 150 USD and ends at more than 2000 USD.

Mikimoto pearl jewelry:

Mikimoto pearl jewelry is named after Kokichi Mikimoto, who dedicated his whole life in researching and cultivating pearls. He is credited of being the first human being to have cultivated a pearl on July 11, 1893. Then he opened a site for cultivating Black south sea pearls on Ishigaki Island in Okinawa in 1914. He finally succeeded in 1931 when he was able to produce a pearl with the diameter of 10mm.

He opened first specialized store for pearl jewelry in Tokyo and never looked back. His brand of pearl jewelry is among the oldest brands which are beautiful, contemporary and of high quality.

Pearl jewelry, be it fake ones or real pearls, do add a bit of charm and beauty to your personality.