Party Ideas

If you are planning to throw a surprise holiday party, you might be wondering and struggling with different types of parties list and about the fun ideas to opt for. How to plan a party is really a mind boggling challenge, especially when it is thrown for a particular age group. There are few great holiday party ideas that will definitely work well for the diverse age groups you may have to entertain.

For under 10 years old Children

Holiday party ideas are not simple to design when you have to please the under 10 crowd. You have to ensure them all entertainment, all activities, through out the time. You really cannot allow them room to get bored because the moment they get this opportunity they will begin to build their own fun games by climbing on furniture, jumping on sofas and beds, painting on walls, and garnishing your house with food. To ensure a really good entertaining party you must take a look at these ideas to play with.

Craft Christmas Parties - Make your Christmas party thrilling by handing over the children craft assignments to work as party theme ideas. To make sure you keep them busy, it is a great idea to include contests with prizes at the end of it. This way they will be able to have something to anticipate that will keep them engaged through out the party.

If the party is designed to last two hours, it is recommended to have more than one project for them to work on. Counting the number of children at the party, you can segregate them into different teams according to their ages, distributed equally to ensure that the challenges are unbiased. Then when the party draws towards the end, you can come up with the Bonus that allows all of the little party kids to win a prize. They'll love their handmade creations and especially boast their great prizes at the end.

Elves Night Out - This is one of the most popular party ideas because it is true to the spirit of Christmas Eve. The party in fact starts two weeks early when you send across the invite to your guests by putting little invitations in clean Christmas glasses and delivering them to their destinations. When your guests arrive on the Big Day of the party they will be escorted to a room guarded by three elves to talk and take beverages until all guests arrive.

After everyone arrives they will be separated into three split teams and sent to different rooms with crafts (one having Christmas cards, another having a gingerbread man to garnish, and the third with a gingerbread house to build and decorate). After finishing their respective tasks all the kids will come to the living room to display their works then sit around the tree to tell stories. After this the kids will relish a sundae bar with magnificent topping choices, and eventually the kids will participate in a Cookie Swap, which is the miniature of a Yankee Swap and is used with cookies in place of presents.

For Teens and Tween Party

As these two groups are at very crucial stages of maturity hence it is important to read their mind frames. One group is in the middle school and the other are in high school, so it is advisable to never mix the two groups unless they agree to it.

One of the holiday parties theme ideas that ought to work well for both tween and teens are the special Christmas party with loads of latest music and activities that are age-appropriate. To make tweens and teens happy, ensure to get lots of involvements and input from them. You can permit them to "organize" the party so that they feel they have creative control. If it's snowing out there, you can encourage tween or teens to go out for a snowball competition or sledding if the place allows so. And because many prefer to dance, you can conduct a dance contest - but only when the idea is nodded by your children.

Adults Party

Now it’s turn to move on to the adult party. You would remember that the adults are trying to run away from their children. Infuse lots of adult beverages (liquor), adult meal (shrimp), and adult entertainment to ensure it is really a grown person party. Here is one great holiday party ideas for adults:

Frostbite Party - A frostbite party is a blend of a holiday party and lodge party. You can have the party at your place but keep it an outdoors event by shuttling all the invitees to the backyard. There you can have the turkey fryer, lit a (safe) bonfire for roasting marshmallows, and enjoy sipping hot chocolate, coffee, and warm liquor beverages while listening holiday music. And of course, if you really want the great feeling of being at a cottage, you can always walk to a real lodge or RV Park and enjoy the true experience.

Menu Planning

Menu planning, what food and how much to serve for a party, is really stressful. A few of menus may serve the purpose:

Snacks and Appetizers, Salad, Sandwiches, Meat dishes, Breads, Condiments, Dessert, Drinks

There is nothing wrong with a “bring your own” note in the invitation if it’s a non-formal party. You can provide diet, soda and bottled water. Your guests have gathered to have a good time and so you should have one too.

The holidays should be a fun and festive occasion, a time of good gesture and as much generosity as one can manifest.