Pageant Dresses

It is quite apparent that pageant dresses and gowns can make or mar a contestant. Choosing the perfect pageant dress is decisive to ensuring that you have given the competition your best possible effort. Apart from exuding self-confidence, patience, poise and grace, your selection of pageant attire may be the determining component of how the judges view your performance. It is necessary that you make the decision of what gown you will flaunt carefully.

Selecting Appropriate Color

One of the most crucial elements which you must keep in mind when selecting a pageant dress is its shade. When choosing the color of your attire, it is important to realize what colors match best with your natural skin tone and color of your hair. Certain colors are more suitable for the wearer than others and you must not ever choose a dress just because it is your favorite shade. You must consider that taking help of a pageant trainer is the perfect method to decide the right shades and ensure that you select the perfect pageant dress that synchronizes and enhances your hair and skin tones, rather then act against them.

Consider Your Body Shape

Pageant DressesYour body shape is very important to consider when selecting a dress. Always choose a dress that enhances your shape. If your waist is broad then don't choose a dress having short waist line, or vice versa. You should also consider how revealing you wish to your outfit to be. Judges may look critically upon some outfits that are too revealing, deep cut or have too big slits. Reading the judges’ mind is crucial for making your decision. It is also necessary to follow any rules and guidelines set forth in the pageant competition.

Suiting the Weather

The season on which the pageant is conducted is also an important element to consider when choosing pageant attire. Several colors are associated with specific seasons and it is necessary to choose a color that is appropriate for that period of year.

Perfectly Fitted

You should also ensure that the dress fits perfectly. If it is too tight across the bust or too loose, you may end up losing the battle. You will also need to realize what type of neckline your pageant gown should display. Your natural shape and figure will determine what kind of neckline suits you best. The neckline should complement as well as consolidate your shoulders.

Don’t Overdo

You should also be wary of selecting a pageant dress that has several patterns. If the gown looks excessive the judges may not get impressed and you may end up with a low score. Studying past pageants may assist you take the decision of what the judges are looking for as far the pageant gown is concerned. You must choose a gown that looks stunning, but not trashy. Select attires that compliment your body and skin tone, don't reveal much flesh, and have tasteful design to ensure that you look nice and graceful in your coming pageant.

Suiting the Contest

Opting for the right pageant dress for various kinds of pageants like Miss Universe, Miss Teen USA, Miss World, Miss USA, and Miss Universe, is not only fun for young ladies, they have to be very selective in choosing the attire which would complement their personalities. In some events like the Miss Universe for example, their dress would decide whether they were qualified to compete to the next level of the competition or be eliminated.

Prepare for Any Kind of Dress Up

Some of these competitions require the contestants to wear a dress designed in a particular pattern and style and this form of competition is much harder, because it depends on how the contestants carries the dress and the way in which she carries herself and  her posture.

Consider the Material

There are many pageants that enable you to select your own dress, so this is much easier than to wear the same style dress as all the other contestants. Don’t forget to choose a color that would enhance your complexion and would brighten the color of your eyes. You would look like you have already won the competition. Be sure to select a material that is comfortable to the touch because it is very necessary that you and the dress must look as they are tailored for each other.

Embracing your Figure

When choosing the pageant attire, another component that is imperative is to choose a dress to suit your specific figure, and since we can assume that almost all of the contestants will have great figures, they should choose a fitted dress that would flaunt off their figure. Choose a pageant dress with plain dark shade which will give you a streamlined impression. If you decided to select a layered dress ensure that the material is lightweight i.e. silk, cotton or linen.  If you choose a top and two piece skirt, try to avoid using different colors such as light green top with dark skirt, choose an all in one color. Remember the more fitted the pageant dress, the more pretty will it look.