Ovulation Calendar

Ovulation calendar helps in determining the most fertile days for being pregnant in a given month. In addition to this feature, it may also evaluate a fertility chart on consecutive months which eventually helps in improving the possibility of getting pregnant. On the contrary, it also avoids the risk of unwanted pregnancy as well. It helps in calculating the estimated due date of the expected baby. In some cases, it also claims in determining the gender specification of the expected child.

In modern days, ovulation calendar is easily available in the market and in most of the cases it is available without any cost associated with it. In a general structure, an ovulation calendar may include the following components

Schedule of Becoming Pregnant:

The fertility of a woman is dependant on her ovulation. That is, the higher the rate of ovulation, the higher the rate of fertility. Hence, in this way, ovulation calendar helps in determining the best days to conceive. The calculation is based on the ovulation time and other several dependant variables like life span of the egg as well as the sperm.

Determine Gender of the Expected Baby:

Ovulation calendar helps in increasing chances of getting baby boy or baby girl by selecting the appropriate time for mating. When sperm includes X-chromosome, it lives longer and when sperm contains Y-chromosomes it becomes slower in movement. It calculates the time of intercourse in relation to ovulation period and determine the best possible time of conception in which there is an increasing chance of getting a baby boy or a baby girl of preference.

Help Avoiding Undesired Pregnancy:

By using ovulation calendar, one can refrain from getting pregnant if she does not want to by avoiding the fertile days in the calendar. Ovulation calendar calculates risky days by taking into consideration of the possible alterations of menstrual periods, hence helping the woman to avoid undesired pregnancy.

Keep Informed Regarding Fertility:

Ovulation calendar keeps a woman regarding their configured cycle of ovulation. This calendar helps in keeping track of the upcoming fertility period. Ovulation calendar helps in providing reminders about the optimal days.

Simple to Use:

Ovulation calendar is simple to use. It is not complicated at all. It does not require any added knowledge to handle ovulation calendar. It does not need to know about any biological organs such as corpus luteum, progesterone levels, etc. It only considers the length of menstrual cycle as well as the date of last period.