Oval Face Hairstyles

If you are having an oval face shape, then you are one of the luckiest! Having an oval face shape says that you can play with any hairstyle and flaunt it with pride.

hairstyles are one of the fabulous factors that dominate the look of any individual. Having a perfect hairstyle that goes well with the shape of the face would make one look gorgeous. Men and women are going for consultation in terms of hair styling and feel that it is significant to wear good hairstyles, particularly oval face shape hairstyles.

Your personality is reflected in their hair-do and thus it is important to don a perfect style you can carry. Some people don different oval face hairstyles to make them look decent and appropriate, while some choose them keeping in view the latest fashion, and some to just show them off to their friends. Whatever be the reason, hairstyles do play a vital role in making one look fabulous.Oval Face Hairstyles

Oval Face Hairstyles To Wear:

  • Any oval face hairstyles and shape can go well, no matter it is long, short, bobbed or layered.
  • The only important thing you should keep in mind with an oval face shape is what portion of your face you want to enhance. This is the part where you can work with some creativity like with bangs or how you style your hair on regular basis.

Oval Face Hairstyles To Avoid

  • Another important aspect in terms of oval face shape hairstyles is to avoid choosing oval face hairstyles that hang in your eyes or face.
  • Or hairstyles that over cloud your beautiful face shape.

Let’s see how many hairstyles that can be considered as perfect oval face shape hairstyles.

Oval Face Short Hairstyles

  • This oval face shape hairstyle displays some height on top and manifests soft wispy bangs that enhance and attract attention to the eye region.
  • This style goes well and has no adverse effect on the length or width of your face shape. Alternatively, it can also work well without any height or bangs also if that is not your cup of tea.
  • Short bob cut hairstyles are another great oval face shape hairstyles. This look of the hairstyle features the face with the edge of the hair touching the cheeks.
  • Any shaggy and short hair cuts will not be proper to thin, oval faces and should not be worn.

Oval Face Medium Hairstyles:

  • Medium hairstyles also offer a fabulous look to you.
  • Some other suggested medium styles for women are 'Jennifer Aniston style' and 'Layers & Curls' and. Layers & Curls would be a perfect choice for a narrow oval shaped face.
  • The hair is done with the curls hanging near the neck part with some portions of the edges of the hair falling onto the shoulders, giving a straightened and wavy look. It is one of the perfect hairstyles you could wear in terms of medium styles.
  • The Jennifer Aniston hairstyle features the hair around the face and accentuates the facial features, displaying more attractive look.
  • That is the versatility with the oval face shape!

Oval Face Long Hairstyles:

  • This is a general and elegant wavy look which falls below the shoulders with a side part and no bangs.
  • This hairstyle seems to be oval in shape basically due to the absence of bangs which may be a virtual addition without any real shape dilemmas.
  • To suit heavy bangs, the side part can be shifted to the middle, reflecting a slimmer shape, or height could be teased into the crown portion.Long hair can also be coupled with not too heavy bangs and they can also be given a straight shape.
  • Practically choosing an oval face shape hairstyle for oval face does not have to be a load of stress because it is one specific facial frame that reign Hollywood and the fashion industry to a great extent.
  • Several celebrities have oval faces and sport the best of the hairstyles.
  • It is quite blessed to have an oval face and it is feasible to make use of this feature by shaping it in a proper form which can be the best oval face shape hairstyle.

Oval Face Shape Hairstyles Are Evergreen

  • People with oval faces must not be worried about what kind of hairstyle fits them the best.
  • Oval faces support all kind of hairstyle, whether it is short, medium or long. Soft wavy considerably long hairstyles, medium bob cuts, and other short hairstyle are all a great hit oval face shape hairstyles for people with oval face shape.
  • The only thing that you should consider while wearing any of the hairstyles the volume and texture of the hair.
  • Also, ensure that the hair does not come onto the oval face which might give an illusion of round or square appearance to the face.


It is better to take proper consultation with the hairstylist at the salon and to browse through pictures to have a better idea on the kinds of hairdo. Sometimes the facial complexion also plays a great role and keeping in view the kind of hair-cut you should flaunt.

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