Outlet Shopping

Shopping is an activity that is threatening to move out of its traditional definition of selection and purchase. Today, shopping has taken on a whole new meaning and serves as a recreational activity. It is one of the chief attractions of not just residents but of visitors and vacationers. Opportunities to shop are one of the most influential factors when it comes to making a choice of destination

Of the many types of shopping options that are available to the shopper, outlet shopping is one of the most attractive and provides an amazing shopping experience. An outlet shop is a shop through which the manufacturer directly sells their products to the customers, often at a discounted rate.

Clothing, sporting goods, electrical products, cosmetics, and toys are among the types of items sold at outlet shops. Outlet shops have developed out of the original concept of factory outlet, which is a shop attached to the factory itself, selling goods that anyone can purchase. Since these shops were at the factory site, which in general is outside the town / city, there were minimal overhead costs, allowing the buyer to purchase the goods at a rate that was discounted than that he would have to pay from a regular retail store.

This discounted price is the feature which makes the outlet shops a very attractive option. In tourist cities such as Las Vegas, Paris, etc there are outlet malls which are malls that have only outlet shops. The customer has a complete mall experience with the discounted prices and shopping at bargain rates thrown in. A mall needs to be family friendly; with great bargain shopping, food courts and entertainment opportunities and this is exactly what outlet malls offer the customer.

Amongst outlet shops too there are many categories. There are thrift shops, shops selling clothes, shoes, home wares, fashion wear, accessories, bags and more. One of the biggest draws to outlet malls are the presence of great bargains on fashion wear.

Especially in places like Las Vegas, New Jersey, Paris and Palm Springs, there are hundreds of outlet shops offering premium designer wear. Some of the biggest brands such as Armani exchange, Burberry, Calvin Klein, crate and barrel, converse, Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, Banana republic, Guess, Hugo Boss etc have outlet shops all over the world to enable people to buy their products at a discounted price.

Not only is this a good opportunity to increase sales, but outlet shops find a market for goods that may not be selling in retail stores. The discounts offered automatically make them more attractive. With the marketplace being what it is today, with fashion and trends changing in just a matter of a few months, outlet shops offer goods that may have just been taken off the shelves too.

Outlet shopping can be very rewarding, especially during special festival and / or promotional offers. Outlet stores are known to have fabulous offers during thanksgiving, the weeks after thanksgiving etc and in the run up to Christmas and new years. Customers can avail not just of the already available discounts, but during these times, better offers and promotional schemes are held that are every attractive. Not only do they offer great savings to the customer, but they also provide a wide array of goods, fantastic displays and a thoroughly complete shopping experience.

As in any purchasing transaction, it pays to know what you want to buy and look around before you actually venture out. This will help save not just time but also money. In outlet stores too, the shopper will be able to get the best bargains if they first enquire, shop around or browse either through stores or online to compare prices.

In many cases, it may be observed that when the customer finally lands up at the outlet store, they may or may not be surprised at the prices. It will be prudent to check for information from family, friends or online on the kind of articles that are stocked at the outlet shop you intend to visit, what are the brands they carry, the average discounts they offer etc. many a times, shoppers have had their expectations dashed when they visit outlet shops because they either do not find what they are looking for, or are unable to purchase it for a significantly discounted rate.

All in all, with the outlet malls that have sprung up all over the country that have hundreds of outlet stores housed under one single roof, with myriad dining and other entertainment options available to the customer it is no wonder that they are fantastic attractions not just for tourists but for the locals as well. Infact in Florida, the outlet malls attract the second largest number of people visiting and shopping next only to Disneyland!!