Outdoor Carnival Games

Carnival games can be fun for players of any age and there are a number of old and new games which can make your day. Carnival games can be real fun if you can find an open and large space to conduct it. There are a lot of outdoor carnival games you can plan for your garden party and it is always better than the 'inside house' carnival games which are anyway a bit restricted enjoyment. Outdoor carnival games are best organized during summer when the climate just is fit for outdoor activity; enjoy the smiling sun and the lively game to call it a day.

Outdoor Games

Outdoor carnival games can be organized after you decide the area and place where you are organizing the party. If the party is organized on a large area, more plays can be planned and that too without making the carnival congested. Smaller party area should have smaller game booth and a bit lesser number of games. It is never how many games the outdoor carnival has that make it a hit; it is how well the carnival games are organized and conducted that makes it a good and memorable experience. And one more thing that makes the outdoor carnival more appealing is the food hubs set around the play area which serves crunchy pop corns, frothy drinks, cool ice cream and tasty hot dogs.

Some of the best games of the outdoor carnival include

Tossing The Ring

Tossing the ring can be more fun if it is given lot of space, the prizes to be won can be arranged away from each other so that the game is a bit too interesting and only the one with accurate aim can score the throw. More over you can also give more space for the player to toss the ring.

Shooting Game

This is a strictly outdoor carnival game and a game for grownups and older children. Here the target is set and the player has to shoot a dart or a 'cork rifle'. This game is fun and needs a larger place to play. You can make the game more difficult if the start point of the game is kept t a distance from the target. A mini version of this game can be organized using water gun to knock off the target. This water gun game is meant for young players who shouldn't be playing with pointed darts.

Duck Pond

Water games are always better in outdoor party. Duck pond is a game where the players, mainly kids are asked to choose one among the many plastic floating ducks. The number marked under the chosen duck decides the prize to be won. The prize may range from a single toffee to toys and color books. The child may get wet while choosing the duck so it is always better to have the parents besides while playing the game.

Knock The Pyramid

 This is one of the most popular carnival games, the participants should knock down the pyramid made from bottles, tins or any other cylindrical objects. The player should throw the ball at the pyramid and try to knock off each and every can making the pyramid. The participants should aim at the pyramid from a ten or twelve feet distance and knock it off with tree trials. This game too needs a lot of space to conduct and is hence better as a outdoor game.

Choose The Ball

Outdoor carnival game does not mean all of the game should be based on skill and activity; you can also have some simple and easy games. In this game you can have a big cloth bag with a number of colored balls and the participants are required to choose the ball of the color the game conductor says. This game can be made more difficult if the participants are made to choose the only one among the many balls.

Bucket Game

This game is also a skill game where the participants are to throw balls into the bucket one by one in order of arrangement. The player should toss the first ball into the first bucket and the next into the second bucket kept two feet away from the first. Like this the player will have to throw the ball into all the five buckets kept in a row to win the game.


Outdoor carnival party can have barbecue meat, ice creams, cotton candies, pop corn and frothy drinks to go with it. Don’t plan elaborate menu for the carnival game, rather simple and easy to eat food are recommended. Barbecue meat can be prepared as small pieces on skewers so that it can be carried to the games and enjoyed while playing or watching; sit and eat foods are a strict NO at the carnival game. You can also arrange low cushions at the party area for the guest to sit and stretch up a bit.

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