Orlando Carnival Sponsors

Orlando Carnival Sponsors- Advertise caribaff Orlando Carnival Sponsors-Fletcher Enterprise
Advertise caribaff Fletcher Enterprise
Orlando Carnival Sponsors- Heineken Orlando Carnival Sponsors-Jacksonville
Heineken Jacksonville
Orlando Carnival Sponsors- KUO Orlando Carnival Sponsors- Saturn
KUO Saturn
Healthcare Clinic
Legacy Liquors
MMI Healthcare Clinic Legacy Liqors

Sponsorship Benefits

1. Provides access to a significant immigrant Caribbean/Latino population.
2. They will reach a large audience with repeated impressions.
3. Sponsorship develop new business contacts.
4. It will demonstrate, sample or test market your product.
5. The sponsorship to carnival shows your company’s commitment to the City of Orlando and the     local community.
6. It helps promote community outreach
7. Promotion/Marketing.
8. Program/Insert.

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