Orlando Carnival 2017

The Orlando Carnival Festival will be hosted by the Orlando Carnival Association Inc on May 28th to June 1st ,2017. The Orlando Carnival is a 5-day festival (May 28th to June 1st).


The Carnival Festivals turned out into Caribbean-style, known as “Mardi Gras”, and celebrated around the world.

Johnson Gilbert’s dream was to bring the Carnival to Orlando. Later, Memorial Day Weekend hosted the first Caribbean Carnival in 1987. Johnson and other four persons (Mark Modeste, Gloria Chandler, Tina Stubbs and one other person) generated a ‘big carnival party’ in the Fairgrounds. The Carnival fame rose gradually every year.

Nowadays, the Orlando Carnival contributes a street parade and celebrated with live shows, Kiddies Carnival, J’Ouvert, Miss Orlando Carnival Cultural Pageant, steel band music, dj’s, calypso, ethnic foods, souvenirs and the grand finale in this festival.


The Orlando Carnival is one of the largest events, contributed by the Orlando Carnival Association Inc. The Orlando Carnival Association, Inc. was recognized by the Florida Statute. The Orlando Carnival offers financial backup to the local public and businessmen. The local businesses, civilian groups and also many government departments in the Orlando city participated in the Orlando Carnival Association. Thousands of visitors will come to enjoy this festival.


The Orlando Carnival contributes many events. Most famous Costumes, Bands, like "United We Red", "Island Fantasy", "Southchase Island Gems", "Powerline Sounds HD Productions", "Jamaican Link Up", "Tribe of Pride", "TrinBago Mass Camp", "V. I. Link Up" will participate and present their performances in this event. The Orlando Carnival Association will conduct the parade in Downtown Orlando. The parade will start at mid-noon.


The large and notable hotels and restaurants in the Orlando City will provide both residence and cuisine for the visitors of the Orlando Carnival. Some important Hotels in the Orlando City are Lexington Hotel, Orlando Marriott Downtown.

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