Ohio State Fair 2017

The Ohio State Fair has traditionally been held in Columbus is considered one of the largest state fairs in the USA. Lacks of people attend this fair every year and the number of visitors has been remarkably growing every year. In 2011, 833,000 people attended the fair. Tickets rate of the Ohio State Fair ranges from $12 to $65.

Ohio State Fair 2017 Event Details

Venue: Ohio Expo Center, Columbus, Ohio, United States of America
Date: Wednesday, July 26th to August 6th Sunday, 2017.

Ohio State Fair History

The first Ohio State Fair was held in 1850 as a three day event. Prior to this, the Ohio State Board of Agriculture was established by the Ohio Legislature with 53-members. This Board was successful in conducting a District Fair at Wilmington, Ohio in 1847 and later at Xenia, Ohio in 1848. This led to the arrangement of a State fair in 1849. Unfortunately it got cancelled due to the outbreak of Asiatic cholera.

In the beginning the Ohio State Fair showcased blue-ribbon livestock and cattle from all around the country. The fair includes food stalls that give a taste of regional recipes. Local entertainments were also a part of the fair even at the early stage.

With every year the popularity of the fair grew tremendously. Entertainment became a major part of the event. In order to attract the common mass kid's attractions, rides, games, live music, and a Queen of the Fair contest were also included as a part of the fair.

Major Attractions at Ohio State Fair

Now the Ohio State Fair has gained the reputation of a mega-event with a huge variety of entertainment options. The major events include martial arts, boxing, cheerleading, BMX stunts etc. Other major attractions at the fair are

  • All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir. This was established in 1963 and continued to be part of the live entertainments at the fair.
  • Food tasting
  • Live music
  • Monster amusement park rides
  • Animal races, especially annual pig races.

Rascal Flatts, Miranda Lambert, Melissa Ehteridge and Kelly Pickler etc were the star headliners for the entertainment at the fair.