Office Party

Today the office meant much more than only 9 to 5 working hours. Nowadays, almost all offices have parties to rejuvenate the relationship from being just colleagues to friends.

Office party is a social gathering; where colleagues, subordinates and seniors come together in a relaxed mood. Though it may appear to be an eased atmosphere, someone might be scrutinizing your moves and behavior. So, make sure you don't drink and act like that you might end up regretting afterwards. However, do not get so conscious that you might just end up spending a boring time with colleagues. Instead, strike a balance.

Office Party Decorations

Office party decorations needs substantial amount of time, dedication and creativity. Though most party plots, these days, take up the responsibility of decoration part also but there are many that don't. In such circumstances, decoration can be a major issue to deal with and a way to provide a personal touch to the party.

Office Party Invitations

Right from small firms to multinational corporate, office parties are organized by every one. It can either given by the superiors in the office or one that is contributed by the entire staff. In either of the cases, a formal invitation is a must for an office party.

Office Party Dress

Mark Twain has said, 'Clothes Make the Man'. Your personality and demeanor is explicit by the clothes you wear. Office party cloths can range from normal rugged jeans and tee shirts to a trendy tuxedo. It is the kind of office party you are going to attend that should be the decisive factor for choosing your dress as well.

Office Party Games

Games are the great way to get your office party ignited. They not only illuminate the element of fun and zest, but also enliven the ambience simultaneously. Don’t forget not everyone would feel comfortable opening up suddenly and enjoy the party. So, the best way to ensure everyone is comfortable is by organizing some fun games as starters.

Office Party Themes

Office party is a grand way to rejuvenate and reinvent ecstasy with colleagues and friends. They also extend us an opportunity to envisage a better understanding of our social group. It is a common notion that office party themes are subdued and not that loud or fabulous. Usually, the themes are focused on anything that is current and happening - it could be business, movies, entertainment, politics or sports.

Unique ideas for Office Party Themes

80's Theme

One of the most famous themes, the electric 80's continues to entertain people throughout. Everyone in the party should be dressed up like eighties people. Your attire may consist of elaborate hairstyles, perms, and dresses. The music can be from eighties. Make sure that the decoration part should also reflect the theme.

Famous Sports

'Sports personality theme' idea is also a great theme to work on. Inform every one to dress up as their favorite sports figure and if possible, interact in his/her accent.

Eminent Singers

Eminent Singers theme is also worth considering. Dress up like a rock star, hip-hop star or even the latest teen sensation. Ensure that you are aware of the songs of the artist you are imitating.

Festive Theme

In case your party is being held during the festive season you can also choose the theme keeping in vies the festival in question.

Retro Party Theme

Retro party theme is also a big hit! With the go-go glasses, the bell-bottoms and mini skirts, the party is sure to be at all time high.

Office Party Planning

Everyone expects a cool atmosphere at an office party. Albeit there are no formal supervisions, people do keep a track of any sign that might extend them an opportunity to bring to halt your career. One silly mistake can damage the good rapport that you have built striving for a long time. If you have been entrusted the responsibility of planning your office party, ensure that you leave no stone unturned to make it a success.

Office Party Food

You’ve just being informed by your boss that it’s your turn to arrange the food for the next office party. You might be quite apprehensive about it but still want to put your best foot forward. Remember that, the primitive purpose of the office party is not to relish a gourmet meal, but to generate a friendly and transparent culture in an organization. You would, of course, wish your party to be remembered for a long time by everyone present. Therefore, planning plays a vital role to handle the things easily, without spending sleepless nights.

Ideas for Office Party Food 

  • While organizing an office party, the primary thing that you should target, is atmosphere that should be relaxed and full of energy. For this you should try to keep things as comfortable as possible.
  • Think of some awesome theme ideas for party that can work as an added excitement to the office party.
  • Consider the number of people, when you fix the menu. You could get the opinion of your fellow-peers, according to the theme of the party. Ensure that the timing of the party is taken in consideration.
  • After take a head count, evaluate the total budget in order to ensure that the prices are within the budget.
  • Set on the mood for the party, with some common and famous food items. You could choose fresh fruit trays, muffins, donuts, or even coffee.
  • Make sure the appetizers are tasty and healthy. As cocktails and mocktails are a very vital ensure that you have a good variety and quality.
  • For lunch or dinner, good options include foods such as tuna, chicken, grilled or roasted mutton, breads, and salads. Vegan eggnog, cheese mince pancake beet root cutlet, and cottage cheese pakoras can be relished by the vegetarians. Chocolate pies, fruitcakes and ice cream are great menu for desserts.

Office Party Games Ideas

Games are the best fit to get your office party started. They add the element of fun and frolic and also enliven the ambience simultaneously. Don’t forget that not everyone would feel comfortable and at ease all of a sudden and enjoy the party. So, the ideal way to ensure that everyone is at ease is by having some fun games to start with. It will enable each one to mix up with each other and move freely and without any restraints.

Question Hour

The objective of this game is to put up questions and answer it in form of a question. Anyone who answers differently or takes too much time is considered out of the game.

Who Am I?

It is a typical guessing game. Write the name of a famous personality on a piece of paper and stick it at the back of a person's shirt. That person should be ignorant of the name. The objective of the game is to ask questions to others about the mysterious personality and guess what the name is.

Musical Chairs

Musical chair is played at almost every party. Arrange chairs in a circle shape and keep one chair short than the quantity of players. Play the music and ensure everyone moves around at a steady speed and manage to sit on the chair closest to them when the music stops. The last one left without a chair will be considered out of the game.


In this game you have to get a straight line, four corners and the full house to win. The rewards can be really cute like flasks, coffee mugs, pen sets etc.

Famous Movie One Liners

You need to write down famous quotes from movies, beforehand. In the party, read out these quotes one at a time, while your colleagues should guess which movie it is from. Whoever guesses the most becomes the winner.

Besides this there are few more games that can be played to bring the party into a light mood:

Guess the Movie Game
Liar, Liar
Transferring the Cotton Balls
Give Me
Office Party Invitation Ideas