Oblong Hairstyle Cuts

So, that hairstyle you have been wishing to don really look good on that celebrity, doesn't it? Do you think it will also look good on you? Whatever haircut you are looking for on an oblong face and if that celebrity doesn't have an oblong face, then you may not get the results you think you will. Many individuals do not realize it, but the frame of one's face could really flaunt a great haircut off and vice versa.

How To Find Oblong Hairstyle Cuts

  • Oblong hairstyle cuts can be found in several magazines and they are also available all over the Internet.
  • On the Internet, you can also take help of "how to's" that will assist you acquire the hairstyle you have been longing for.
  • Albeit, before you experiment with your hair, you will first require getting it cut.
  • There are various hairstylists out there that are able to deliver the hairstyle suitable for your facial frame.
  • Keep it in mind and don't forget just how significant your facial structure is when you are looking for a great oblong hairstyle cut.

Oblong Hairstyle Cuts for Men

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Let’s see what the oblong hairstyle cuts are for men with oblong face shapes. As guys act like they are not that careful about their hair cuts, but for many, this is one of the important assets that they wish to experiment with. If you are looking for a change in your personality, then the hair is certainly a place to start with.

First Ascertain Your Face Shape

  • Before you go out to get a new haircut, there are a few important factors involved in this process which you will need to know.
  • It is equally important to know how significant it is to take your face into consideration as you are looking at new hairstyles.
  • The most important thing you need to keep in mind is the shape of your face.
  • If you have already ascertained that you have been gifted with an oblong face, then move forward and think of its haircuts.
  • As a special tip, if your face is longer than its width, then you are surly owning an oblong face.
  • Another characteristic that is often witnessed in case of an oblong shaped face is a slender neck.

Hair With Bangs

  • Under these circumstances when you are styling your hair, the objective should be to give your face round and broader look.
  • Medium length hair with bangs will be the right oblong hairstyle cut which will cover up your forehead, which is what you have to do in order to shorten your face.

Waves, Curls, And Sideburns Will Work

  • If you wish to give your face that broader look, then you can add some volume to the side of your face by allowing your sideburns grow longer.
  • If you would like to provide that straight face to appear smooth and soft, then curls, waves, and layers will perfectly work for you.
  • Also, if you carry short sideburns, then you may wish to avoid spiking it up. Male celebrities with oblong face include: Russell Crowe, Shaun White, and Ricky Martin.

Oblong Hairstyle Cuts For Girls


  • Are you looking for layers?
  • Layers can reflect a glamorous image of any girl, but you need to ensure they fit on your face.
  • There are different types of styles so far layers are concerned.
  • Long to medium layers would be fabulous for a girl having an oblong face.
  • By displaying long layers in your hair, your face will not look as slender as it virtually is.

Haircuts To Avoid

  • While styling your hair, if you possess an oblong face, there are some haircuts that you should not opt for as they will only make your face look fuller. This would be a long hair cuts.
  • If you want to wear a long hairstyle on your oblong features, then you should go for that layered look.
  • You should also avoid too short hair and close to your scalp.
  • So far those short bob haircuts are concerned it is advisable to stay away from them, as they will enhance your oblong face look.


In short, in order to obtain balance and flatter your face shape, you must follow the tips below to choose the perfect oblong hairstyle cut.

  • Leave the hair at chin-length or even longer. Hair touching the jaw line or above makes the length of your face even more prominent.
  • Leave the layers longer and wispy, falling at the chin. Too many layers in curly or wavy hair generate unwanted excess volume on top.
  • Choose a chin-length bob to accentuate the width of your jaw line and divert from the oblong shape of your face.
  • Curb the volume on top. A cut that accentuates volume on top only increases and adds to the slender look of your oblong face shape.
  • Opt for a haircut with side-swept bangs that add more volume to the upper part of your face. This offers the illusion of width which is necessary to balance the slender look of your face.
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