Notting Hill Carnival Mass Bands

Notting Hill Carnival Mass Bands
Sno Name of Band Band Leader Carnival Theme
1 Arawak Mas Band Lynda Joseph Tribute 'Tis de Boss
2 B Dark Inspirations Debbie Roberts The Rhythm of Life
3 Baccmas N/A N/A
4 Bachanal Mas Richard Gallimore 7 Deadly Sins 7 Heavenly Virtues
5 Barbados Carnival Committee N/A Bajan Roots & Rhythm
6 Beeraahaar Sweet Combination Christina Oree Tutti Frutti Sweeties
7 Burrokeets UK   Symphony Of Life
8 Calabash Carnival Club Yvone Cadore Jab Jam Mas
9 CD Jam Joanna Alexander N/A
10 Children and Parents Association Lee Wolford-Chivers N/A
11 Cocoyea Dexter Khan Spirit of the Caribbean
12 Flamboyan Carnival Band Gloria Cummings FIRE!FIRE!
13 Flamingo Arts Carnival Club Martha Fevrier Best of Flamingo
14 Fox Carnival Band Liz Walker and Fiona Hawthorne N/A
15 Fusion Community Carnival Arts Hopeton Walker Rise of the phoenix
16 Genesis Mas Band ymone Williams-Watson Inspired by Nature
17 Glorious Backstage Arts N/A Back From Space
18 Heritage Social Arts and Dance N/A Egyptian
19 Homerton Palace Carnival Band N/A N/A
20 Invaders Mas Band Young Boy Celebration Time
21 ISIS Carnival Band N/A Splendor of the Elements
22 Itchi Baba N/A N/A
23 Jamboulay Carnival Arts N/A N/A
24 Jewels de Carnaval Bea Thomas Creme du Soiree
25 Jun Mo Generations Sindy Man Warriors Flags
26 Kuumba Carnival Band N/A N/A
27 La Trinity N/A Jab Jab
28 LewQuash Nostalgic N/A Spirited Bliss
29 Lighthouse Players Ruthven Roberts The Enchanting Forest
30 London School of Samba N/A The Green Man
31 Mahogany Carnival Michael Ramdeen Bling
32 Mangrove Mas Band Carlton Facey Nautical Madness GLOW
33 Mas Domnik UK Vincent M John Reunite and Celebrate in 2008
34 Mas O Rama Errol Romily N/A
35 Mash Carnival Band Neville Johnson Peaceutopia
36 Masquerade 2000 Margaret Hamilton Represent ur Island
37 Nostalgia Carnival Band Lionel McCalman Emancipation
38 Oxygen Mas Band Damien Nathaniel Jewels of the Caribbean
39 Paddington Arts Elimu N/A Canboulay
40 Paddington School Carnival Band N/A N/A
41 People of Paradise N/A N/A
42 Peoples World John Roach The Journey
43 Perpetual Odyssey Annette Mcdonald Paradise Garden
44 Phoenix Carnival Costume Band Monty Ward Dance of 'D' Mohicans
45 Pioneers and Their Offspring N/A Safari
46 PoisonUK N/A Forbidden
47 Positive Productions N/A N/A
48 Pure Lime N/A No Knives But Chocolate
49 Quilombo do Samba Geraldo Rodrigues N/A
50 Rampage Carnival Club Mas Band Colin Spalding Emancipation through Mas

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