Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas
  • The Nightmare before christmas was a film produced by Tim Burton in 1993. It was directed by Henry Selick.
  • Nightmare before christmas was the first full-length stop-motion animated film ever created. The film portrays Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king of a town known as Halloween Town.
  • In the Nightmare before christmas movie he is becomes fed up of his monotenous lifestyle and eventually bumbed into the world of Christmas Town. interested in the
  • He was delighted to see the the culture and the brightness of the new world.
  • He decides to spread christmas joy to the world. But his benevolative idea unknowingly becomes a nightmare for all the little boys and girls, also endangered the trust of santa clause during the christmas .
  • So, his efforts to combine the two holidays, made him very dissapointed
  • More about Film
  • Nightmare before christmas film was commercial successful and also critically notified.
  • Nightmare before christmas was applauded and awarded very well for the film's stop motion animation, awesome musical effect and authentic storyline.
  • After the release of the Nightmare before christmas film it also earned with the comercialization through merchandise, video games and other media dedicated to the film.
  • Nightmare before christmas film is often re-released on several occasions in theaters .

Nightmare Before Christmas Information

Directed by Henry Selick
Produced by Tim Burton
Denise Di Novi
Screenplay by Caroline Thompson
Michael McDowell
Story by Tim Burton
Starring Danny Elfman
Chris Sarandon
Catherine O'Hara
William Hickey
Glenn Shadix
Ken Page
Music by Danny Elfman
Cinematography Pete Kozachik
Editing by Stan Webb
Studio Skellington Productions
Distributed by Touchstone Pictures (Original)
Walt Disney Pictures (Current)
Release date(s) October 29, 1993
Running time 75 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $18 million
Box Office $75,082,668

Nightmare Before Christmas Lyrics and Songs

The album has the following song and the lyrics:

  • Halloween Lyrics for Nightmare before christmas
  • Jack's Onsession Lyrics for Nightmare before christmas
  • Kidnap The Sandy Claws Lyrics for Nightmare before christmas
  • Making Christmas Lyrics for Nightmare before christmas
  • Oogie Boogie's Song Lyrics for Nightmare before christmas
  • Sally's Song Lyrics for Nightmare before christmas
  • Poor Jack Lyrics for Nightmare before christmas
  • Finale Lyrics for Nightmare before christmas
  • Jack Lament Lyrics for Nightmare before christmas
  • Danny Elfman - What's This Lyrics for Nightmare before christmas
  • Town Meeting Lyrics for Nightmare before christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes

  • Disney costumes from Nightmare before Christmas included the costumes that were designed both by Jack Skellington costumes and Sally.
  • Costumes were in standard, adult and extra large sizes.

Sally Costume

Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes for Women was authentic designed by Sally.

Adult Halloween Costumes Included

  • Adult Halloween Costumes dress,
  • Adult Halloween Costumes glove lets
  • Adult Halloween Costumes Red yarn wigs.
  • Adult Halloween Costumes was available in all sizes Adult, Standard and large.
  • Adult Halloween Costumes is like back of the Sally Costume is complete, plain pink color without any print on it.
  • Adult Halloween Costumes gloves were pictured as white but they were more or less of light blue-green shade.
  • Adult Halloween Sally Costume is an officially licensed Disney product.
  • Adult Halloween Sally Costume is 100% Polyester.
  • Adult Halloween Costumes use Hands wash cool water.
  • Adult Halloween Costumes use Line dry. No bleach.

Nightmare Before Christmas Merchandise

Nightmare before Christmas 2007 from NECA is starting to arrive

Some of the Old Ones Are

  • Nightmare before Christmas jack skellington organizer,
  • Nightmare before Christmas assorted greeting cards pack,
  • Nightmare before Christmas lock shock & barrel statue ,
  • Nightmare before Christmas jack head votive holder,
  • Nightmare before Christmas wooden cube calendar,
  • Nightmare before Christmas note holders,
  • Nightmare before Christmas packs& boxes,
  • Nightmare before Christmas Fountain wall scroll etc.

Nightmare Before Christmas Myspace Layouts

There are many layouts are available on Nightmare before Christmas like below:

  • Nightmare before Christmas myspace layouts were Butterfly theme
  • Nightmare before Christmas myspace layouts were Gotham Theme
  • Nightmare before Christmas myspace layouts were Grunge theme
  • Nightmare before Christmas myspace layouts were Uiloi Theme

Photos of The Nightmare Before Christmas

Danny Elfman, Catherine O'Hara, Chris Sarandon, Henry Selick by Buena Vista Pictures

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