New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show

The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) is situated in New York in United States. It is expanded approximately 250 acres of Bronx Park in the area of The Bronx. It has the top plant laboratory of the world. The Garden conducts exhibitions and flower shows during the year. Every year, at least 8, 00,000 visitors are visited the garden.

The New York Botanical Garden is a promoter for the plant kingdom. The Garden runs the educational programs in horticulture and plant science. It conducts research programs of the International Plant Science Center.


The NYBG was established by Pierre Lorillard of Belmont Estate, a tobacco businessman in 1891. Afterwards Nathaniel Lord Britton, a botanical scientist, Columbia University, raised the funds for the development of the Garden when he was inspired to see the Royal Botanic Gardens, London. In 1967, The Garden was announced as a ‘National Historic Landmark’.

Main entrance of NYBG:

There are 50 different kinds of gardens and plant collections in the Garden. Visitors appreciated the peaceful cascade waterfall. Different kinds of plants like oaks, American beeches, cherry, birch, tulip and white ash are available here. The Garden was attracted by a ‘crystal palace styled greenhouse’ and ‘Peggy Rockefeller memorial rose garden’. It has 50,000 capacity of a library. It has a herbarium with the collection of 7, 00,000 botanical samples. The Garden’s central area is planted with virgin woodlands in 50 acres.

Research Labs in NYBG:

The Pfizer Plant Research Lab was established in 2006. It was built by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), New York. It is a pure research center for Universities and pharmaceutical companies. The Lab researches on plant genomics, genes function, molecular systematics, the study of DNA. The scientists also studied in the genetic mechanisms, which plants are formed neurotoxins; caused by the nerve diseases in humans. The Lab stored the millions of specimens of DNA.

The ‘TreeBOL’ (‘Tree Barcode of Life) project is started 572,000 dollars granted Alfred P. Sloan Foundation by NYBG. The DNA samples will be taken from all 100,000 different species of trees from all over the globe for next few years. ‘TreeBOL’ will be begun the process of plant DNA barcoding.