New Born Baby Party

The most significant and emotional event in the life of a couple is the birth of a child. The moment a baby is born, he becomes the center attraction for each and every conversation and the pride can be visible in parent’s eyes. The most beautiful and precious gift that the God can bestow is baby. There is no better way to welcome the newborn baby into the world than to celebrate. Throwing a new born baby party is the best way to commemorate the baby birth. The goal behind this is to get well wishes and blessings for their baby from all relatives and near and dear ones.

New Born Baby Party Decoration

Party decoration is a little difficult affair in the house of a new born baby. You can always get the help of your family members and friends with the arrangements.

Keep in mind your child’s preferences when decorating your home. What are their favorite color, place, TV show, and animal? Select a simple theme based on this.

For instance, if you pick blue, then decorate with flowers, balloons and streamers all in blue shades. Replace the white bulbs with blue ones.

Decorate the dining place. Cover the party chairs with a blue fabric over the seat and back also. Use host of little card labels and cover them with bright table fabrics.

New Born Baby Party Invitation

Send the invitation to your close friends and near and dear one and every one would love to attend this party to share the joy and happiness of the couple. An invitation is a token of bonding between you relatives and close friends and you and a witness that they are special in all your important events of life. Other invitations ideas can go like this:

  • Readymade invitations that are available in the market these days can serve the purpose. You can buy those and fill up the blank spaces for name, date, venue, date and time. It may be a bit expensive but they are a great way to save time if you don’t have plenty.
  • In case you have a theme party, ensure to mention the same in the invitation. At the same time don’t forget to specify the dress code in line with the theme, if any.
  • Make sure to clearly mention all necessary piece of information, like time, date and venue. Don’t forget to inform them if you are having a formal party or just a small casual gathering.
  • Make sure to mention your contact information on the invitation cards. In case of any doubts about the party, anyone should have a number to contact you and get the required information.
  • You can also get a formal message printed on the invitation card. You can catch a nice poetry or jingle printed on the invitation that is dedicated to the new born. It reflects a personal touch to the invite.
  • If you have sufficient time for research, you can go for online research for card ideas.
  • After selecting the new born baby party invitations, make sure to include the names of the patents and the baby in it. A photo of the baby in the invitation, apart from other details, like his name, birthday date will also add a tincture of personal touch to the card.

New Born Baby Party Gifts

  • Apparels gifts set, with at least one blue dress - for a boy, or one pink dress being a girl is the most normal gift for a new born baby.
  • Utilities gift set for the baby like  bibs, bottle, teether, diapers etc can also be an interesting option available .
  • Gifting a cute and fabulous baby bath set would also be a great idea.
  • Baby care products can also create the magic. The list will consist of items viz. baby towels, diapers, bodysuits, shampoo, baby lotion, hair oil, body oil, powder and sleepers.
  • Another option would include a sleeping set that contains a designer pillow, blanket, soft bed sheet and cute soft toy.
  • Bottle, nipples, clearing brush, thermo flask in the shape of a feeder set can also be considered as one of the best gift options.
  • Finely knitted sweaters, socks and hats will be another great option for infant gifts.
  • Gift items can also be considered for decorating the room of the baby, like wall decorations, stickers and hanging stars.
  • Another nice idea will be assorted articles for the baby, in one nice and cute new born baby gift basket. Toys, baby bottles, clothes, bath set and products, blanket and diapers can be a part of it.
  • You may select disposable diapers, a diaper bag and a diaper warmer.
  • A combination of cartoon character toys, like Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, in a decorated basket can also be considered as a gift for a new born baby.
  • Gifting educational toys that can help them in learning and development phenomenon of the child can be another good option for infant gifts.
  • You can also gift artistically designed music CDs and cassettes that enable a newborn baby fall asleep.

New Born Nursery

The nicest way to channel some of your new born baby mother enthusiasm is to prepare the nursery beforehand. Some items are listed below that you may need.


While choosing furniture, you can think about articles that can grow up with your baby. You will need a mattress and crib along with sheets, a mattress cover, crib bumpers. The baby bath tubs are very useful along with a high chair, stroller, and play pen. You may also add a car seat, and a baby monitor.


For outfitting your little new joy, blankets, sleepers, socks or booties, various other clothing pieces are the necessary items.

Basic Necessities

The basic necessary items you will need to have for your baby includes diapers, baby wipes, rash ointment, diaper bag, baby shampoo, and baby body wash.

New Born Baby Party Favors

The best way to extend thanks to your guests, who took out time to attend your party, is by giving out favors. It will also enable the guests remember your party for a longer time. The same applies for new born baby party also where you can either purchase something or give out handmade favors. Whatever you opt, ensure that it is thoughtful and serves as a token of gratitude as well as a souvenir.

Mini crayons, tiny notebooks, cute pencil boxes, can serve the purpose of birthday party favors. Append stickers, sweetie, glow-in-the-dark rubber balls, temporary tattoos, cars and hair barrettes to fill out the favor belongings.