Mobile Phone Prices

  • Mobile Phones are the most portable device for communication with people on long distances. There is hardly a day when anybody cans d without this device.
  • Mobile phones have become an essential part of our life.
  • Mobile phones have seen a lot of innovation since the time of its inception.
  • Nowadays, you can not only talk over your phone but also send text messages, surf the Internet, Listen to music, play games and many other activities.

Mobile Phone Prices For Different Mobiles in Different Countries

  • Regarding the mobile phone prices for different mobiles in different countries, the Asian market is much cheaper when compared to the American and European markets.
  • To take one instances, the Nokia 610 navigator costs just Rs.154441 in India, one of the largest mobile markets in the world.
  • Whereas in the US and European markets the Nokia 6110 will cost anything around $600 which translates to Rs.24000.
  • So, a difference of approximately Rs.8000. Moreover Mobile prices fluctuate at a astonishing rate. So it is very difficult to make an exact comparison of the mobile phone prices between different countries.
  • Moreover mobile phone prices also depend on various factors like the economic condition of the country; number of users; market conditions etc.
  • But one thing is for sure that the Asian markets are very large as well as cheaper than the US markets.

Mobile Phone Accessories

  • As the craze for mobile phone is on the rise so is the craze for mobile phone accessories.
  • The accessories make the mobile phones useful as well as attractive.
  • Some of the most commonly used mobile phone accessories all over the world are :
    • Bluetooth,
    • Antennas,
    • body glove cases,
    • codi cases,
    • charms,
    • connectors,
    • color keypads,
    • data cables,
    • hands free,
    • memories,
    • holograms,
    • mp3 accessories,
    • protect chargers,
    • Naztech cases.
  • Mobile phone accessories are available everywhere.
  • If you want cheaper ones you can get them in every mobile store in your locality.
  • There are also many online stores which sells Mobile phone accessories.
  • In Asian markets, you can find mobile accessories in every nook and corner. Recent researches have shown the sale of mobile accessories is much more than that of mobiles itself.

Case Study:

  • Among Mobile accessories the most popular is the Bluetooth headsets or Car kits.
  • This type of accessories allows you to use your mobile phone in a more friendly ad effortless way.
  • For instance while driving it is very unsafe to take over the mobile phone as this process requires holding the phone with one hand the car steering with the other.
  • But using a Bluetooth ensures that both your hands are on the car steering and thus you are safe.
  • The greatest feature of mobile accessories is that they meet the exact specifications of the particular for which they are made.
  • In fact in many cases mobile accessories are offered free as a part of mobile deals.

Latest Mobile Phone Prices

  • As regarding the latest mobile phone prices the best place to look is the Internet.
  • Various online websites are there where you not only get to know the prices but also other things like features of the mobile, colors available and also important reviews made by the users themselves.

Case Study

  • One such latest mobile phone on the block is the knfbReader.
  • This device is a Nokia N82 at the core.
  • This device which a result of the joint collaboration between the US National Federation of the Blind and Kurzweil.