Middleage Birthday Party Ideas

30th birthday ideas

Fix a date

A 30th birthday is like a milestone, so before you select a date for the party, ensure that the guests are not preoccupied on that day. You should come up with such a date that works for everyone.


Decide where to conduct the party. Depending on the type and size of the party, you can select to host it at someone's house, a rental banquet or even a restaurant.

Choose a theme

Costume parties are a hit always. If you're going for a theme party, it is advisable to check out Theme Party Secrets. Scavenger Hunt themed party can also work.

Create a guest list

If you want to make it short, then close friends and family can make the quorum.

To surprise or not to surprise

It's always great to surprise the birthday girl or boy. If you are going to keep the 30th birthday party a surprise will be too challenging. Make sure to inform everyone that on the invitation!


You can get fun 30th birthday party invitations cards at party supply stores or you can get them online as well. If the invitees’ list is long, consider informing the guests to RSVP only if they will not be attending.


Try to make food ahead of time. Deli meat platter, crock pot dishes, and meatballs are all good options. If the party will be outside, firing up the grill and serving hamburgers, grilled chicken and hot dogs can do wonders.

Play a few party games

You can host a "roast" for the guest of honor. Have friends and family stand up and chant some funny words about the guest of honor.

Give a special birthday gift

The scrapbooks of the guests of birthday girl/boy complete with photos, postcards and cuttings, is a great gift to present. Leave it for guests to glance through and everyone will have a fun time recalling about the past 30 years.

Birthday party games

  • Bingo, Races, Relays, Clothes games, knots, Treasure hunts, food games
  • Balloon Party Games viz,  Burst, Stuff, and  Blast
  • Toothpick Marshmallow Tower Game
  • Golf Ball Croquet Game
  • Mystery Gift Pass
  • Gift Grab (Card Game)
  • Crazy Ping Pong

Birthday Party places

Out to the Ball Game

If the birthday is during the summer days, a nearby ball park might serve the purpose. If your child is after some a particular team, try to get tickets of that game.

A Walk in the Park

The park can be a nice setting place for a child’s birthday party in the warmer seasons. Check out the parks in your area to select one that suits your needs. Look for a picnic area near swing and climbing equipment. An open space will be a great place for playing group games like softball or kickball.

Take in a Movie

Children and movies go hand in hand. Check with local theatres if any of them offer kid's birthday party packages. Many of the large complexes will offer you to rent an entire theatre for a huge fee. The fee usually consists of a space for eating cake, ice cream and opening presents. You can also select a theatre that is located inside a mall.