Mens Short Hairstyles

Mens Short Hairstyles

Most men are comfortable in short hairstyle and the best thing about these hairstyle is that they are easy to manage and can suit almost everyone. There are a number of short and very short hairstyles to choose from which can give a formal, casual or cool look. A short hairstyle does not mean boring and same as you can opt for the most suitable one, which brings out your features and highlights the shape of your face and your jaws, from the numerous styles available. No matter what your face shape or hair type is and what age, profession or mood you carry, short hairstyle can mould into every one of the men making them look smart and confident if in the right one.

Best Mens Short Hairstyles:

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Almost all short hairstyle may look similar, but each one has a character of its own and brings out a different feature in you. Choosing the right hairstyle can put an emphasis on the person you are and help you to get easily noticed. Take the help of a professional hairstylist to get the perfect men's short hairstyles which you can wear with confidence. Before choosing the one you should consider your hair texture, its color, your face shape and your personality.

Don’t completely rely on the hair stylist to choose the one for you because your hairstyle should reflect your character and preference and, it should be the one which you can carry on easily and with confidence. If you leave the choice of your hairstyle completely to the hair dresser you may end up with the most stylish and trendy haircut which polishes your feature, but your personality will be lost somewhere between your men's short hairstyles and the trends. Cowlicks appear when the growth direction of the hair forms a spiral pattern. 

Young Mens Short Hairstyles:

Men can look really smart and handsome in a very men's short hairstyles, be it buzz cut, military cut or any other style. But it is always good to keep up the style of the person while choosing the hairstyle.
Camouflage your receding hairline with a short hairstyle

It is good to have a short hair cut if you are in the very first stages of balding. The styles like military or buzz cut can take away the hairline being noticed first. But this hairstyle or the hair length in particular should be maintained so as to keep away others from noticing the fact that you are losing hair. And if you are going completely bald try out shaving your hair completely, while clean shave gives you a neat and professional look it also hides your hair problem behind it. And heey, the very short military cut and the clean save are not just for men with hair receding hairline, those with full and heavy hair who prefer this type of serious style and wish for a manageable short hairstyle can go for this all time popular very short crop.


Some Popular Mens Short Hairstyles:

Some of the popular hairstyle for men are shorter and layered hair at the back and slightly longer hair at the crown and the front. The layering at the top can be changed to get a better suited version of the hairstyle. You can also add a bang if you have a large forehead and this bang also adds to the style of your hair cut. Men with naturally curly hair, the soft curl type, would love to have it short with an extra little length at the top. This hairstyle for curly and dark hair is indeed very stylish and hot. But to get the correct glamour of the style, the curly hair should be maintained frizz free.

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Short hair of about an inch length with a lightly raised spike along the middle is also very popular among young men and professionals as this gives a feel of style and professionalism at the same time. Men with short hair can style their hair with a bit of mousy and style it back with the fingers, this classic style looks best if the hair at the top is layered and is a bit long, but don’t do over long and keep those at the back trimmed short accordingly. The best thing about these men's short hairstyles is that you can go out partying; you can get to your office and at the family dinner without wondering if your hair fits in because this style is trendy, simple and easy at the same time.

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Some Cool Hairstyles for Men:

Rock Hairstyles

Short hair can be styled in a different cool styles but the cool style requires a slightly longer hair rather than the shortest of the short crops. Brushed up style set with a wet styling gel or a hair spray can give a cool and wet look. You can also try out different texture and shine by running your fingers through the mousse applied hair. Tousled top or a multidirectional style on short hair can also give a cool and trendy look. Untidy wispy hairstyle, off the face comb and the hawk style are also among the hyper cool styles for short haired men. You can use gels and a little mousse to have whatever style you want to achieve if you can get the knack of styling. Running fingers to get the style is better than using a hair brush or comb as the fingers give an untamed but cool tousled appearance. Mens have different haircuts for their various shapes of faces like Oval, Square, Triangle, Oblong, Diamond and Round faces so depending on their shape of face they prefer hair cuts.


Hair cut super short at the sides and longer layers at the top, which is styled to give a stand up and tousled appearance using styling gel and other hair products can help to create the cool guy look which is on run among the teenagers in the very recent few years. This cool and trendy hairstyle looks cool only if worn with a cool suit or shirt and it usually goes well with young men. Older men trying this cool or hyper cool hairstyle after all might create an uncool or made up look if not chosen properly. different colors can also be tried by you on your cool short hairstyle to make it even cool, but choose the shades which goes with your skin tone and eye color.

Men Haircut with Long Fringe Short Sides

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