Mens Punk Hairstyles

There are different hairstyles which inspires the men a lot, punk hairstyle is one of them. Most men would secretly wish to try a punk style but when they come near it… it is an 'Absolute NO' or 'It's cool but not on me'. These nontraditional 'cool" hairstyle are not for everyone and it is just for those who would like have a stand out hairstyle among the crowd and like to look the way they feel; it is like 'I love Punk Hairstyle and I wear it'. The punk hairstyle and the bright punk hair colors give a shocking and outrageous look. This 'look as I wish' style was inspired from the punk movement back in the seventies where the musicians set them aside from others by adopting spiky styles and coloring their hair with loud colors.

What Is A Mens Punk Hairstyles?

Mens Punk Hairstyles

Dyeing the hair with bright and neon colors, spiking it in a hold up style or doing both the spikes and the colors is specialty of punk hairstyles. This hairstyle uses vibrant colors of green, pink, violet, red or orange which can be seen by others from miles away. One section or entire head is being colored where usually different and unnatural color is being used. To do any style of punk hair cut, it is better to grow hair a bit longer before the styling day as it helps to trim or cut as you wish, with very long, medium and short hairs at the same time. And irregular and asymmetric cuts or partially shaved head are some of the men's punk hairstyles types. Many also try making designs with the hair which is otherwise shaved.

Deciding Your New Mens Punk Hairstyles:

When you are unaware about the new punk styles and are getting it for the very first time, there arises number of questions as how this punk hairstyle look like, how it could be made more attractive, how it will look on you and the big question of all will you be accepted in this new and extraordinary style. Most of these questions can be answered by magazines, television and the hair dressers specialized in punk style. After deciding that you really do want to have a punk style, fix an appointment with a real good hair stylist, punk hairstylist to be precise to get the best and attractive punk style and color that can go on with you to avoid the punk disaster.

Some Mens Punk Hairstyles:

The most popular style of the 80's, the traditional punk or the original men's punk hairstyles is done by spiking the hair with gel and coloring them purple or pink. Another style is the Cue Ball where the hair is cropped very short all over and dyed with bright, colors like red, white or leopard prints

There is skate punk where the hair is cut at asymmetrical length and made into spikes. The hair is kept blonde and just the tiny and spunky made hair end is colored neon.

The Mohawk style which is the most common form of punk style is tried with a lot of variation by the punk lovers. More than fifty percent of the punk style users go for Mohawk style where all the hair at the sides is shaved and only a strip of hair from the forehead to the back is kept. There are many Mohawk inspired styles of punk which uses different length of hair and may or may not include spikes.

The Beaver is a type of the Mohawk where only a very short strip of hair is left on the middle and everything else is shaved off. The Fan is a type where you can grow your hair a bit long and then shave off the side parts leaving behind a longer strip of hair. This is made to stand up by applying gel on it from bottom to top and then fixing the style by a great hold hair spray. The liberty spike is another form of Mohawk where the hair in the stripe is made to stand like spikes on the statue of Liberty. The spikes size can vary on the length of the hair and the thickness of the stripe; longer and bigger spikes can give a funky look to the style.

Maintaining The Mens Punk Hairstyles:

Maintaining a men's punk hairstyles is a need a lots of dedication and time. It needs time to time shaving off of the small hairs growing at the otherwise shaved part of the head. Not shaving once in three or four day might make it look untidy and unkept. The punk style also requires a lot of gelling, blow drying and hair sprays. It also calls for occasional hair dyeing when the hair at the roots starts growing up revealing the original color of the hair or whenever you want to try a new punk color. But do take care to leave your hair free from everything at least once in a while to let it rest.

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