Mens Long Hairstyles

Mens Long Hairstyles

Men have started to try out different styles with their hair, long, short and medium hairstyles rather than sticking to the same old professional or buzz cut. Most of the men choose a hairstyle which captures the latest fashion and at the same time has a hint of his personality in it. The way the hair is styled or cut tells out the person you are, so great care should be taken while choosing a style. It is better to choose a hairstyle that is easy to maintain, and goes with your personality, mood and profession rather than running behind the latest trend that may never suit you. It does not mean latest trends are not for you; just make sure that it is not just a trendy hairstyle that stands out blurring down the persona you are.

Things To Consider Before Going For A Mens Long Hairstyles:

Long hairstyle can be tried on straight, wavy or curly hair but if you are planning to wear your hair long, it is better to take care of it better from the moment you decide you are opting for a longer style, as long hair look good only if it is healthy and well maintained or otherwise it might just give an overgrown and untidy expression.


it is always wise to think and rethink when you are planning to grow your hair to adopt the particular hot style of the year, because by the time your hair have grown to the correct length, the style may have outgrown or might have become too boring. But if you like that particular style so much, you can go for it no matter what the latest trend is because, confidence adds to the style and will surely make you look good in any men's long hairstyles, be it trendy or outdated.

How to choose Mens Long Hairstyles

There are a lot of men's long hairstyles that are suited for curly, wavy and straight hair. Each style may give you a different look ranging from a soft romantic fellow to a hard core macho. Decide on the look you would like from your hair and seek the help of a professional hair dresser to style it the way you would like. Choose the hairstyle depending on how to prefer to carry your long hair; tied in a pony tail or left free on itself. Some of the hairstyle that can be chosen for different hair types is given below.  Every man doesn’t like shaving his beard daily and some can do experiments with their beard. Wearing beard is a symbol of maturity and dignity. Depending up on their style of beard only some men can select different hairstyles.

Mens Curly Hairstyle for Long Hair:

This is the least manageable of all hairs and usually the thick and frizzy curls like that of the African American does not do well when grown long. But if you prefer to braid it in small division, it will look neat and in order.

The not too frizzy long curls can give a romantic and sexy look if grown up to your shoulder length but you do have to treat it well and good with a lot of anti frizz products and hair serums to make it manageable. The uniform layer cut on such naturally curly hair as the one on Reece Ritchie will give the correct look and is also very easy to manage.

A very long and thick lock of curly hair cut at a single length does not stand up to the mark on good men's long hairstyles though most prefer it this way. But you can try a single length style on curly hair if it is not very long and just falls below the ear line. This style goes on with less thicker hair and never suits the people with very thick hair as it gives an untamed appearance.

People with really thick hair can try having a shorter lengthen hair at the crown and a longer hair at the back of the head which can be easily and neatly tied into a pony tail.

Emo Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair for Guys

Mens Wavy Hairstyles for Long Hair:

Wavy hair can always have a hot look going with it if the proper length and the correct waves are maintained. Men wearing their wavy hair long should take care of the texture of their hair and be sure to maintain it soft and conditioned because only the soft waves falls correctly on the face or on the forehead; wherever you wants it to, to give a great look.

Long and messy men's long hairstyles can be tried on wavy hair and you can either have the messy look with a single length cut as the one David Beckham had with his hairs parted in the centre, or you can opt for a cool shaggy cut where some hair at the back reaches the shoulder while some are cut at the ear length and below it.

Wavy hairs can give a sexy look if grown to a shoulder length and maintained on a side parted bang falling right above the eyes. Wavy hair swept back and cut in long layers also look great on teenagers and young men.

If the wavy hair is too thick, it can be broken up by different layered cuts at the back of the hair and the sides, try having shorter hair at the crown and slightly longer ones as it reach the back. This imparts a casual and easy going style on the person trying this.

Mens Straight Hairstyles for Long Hair:

Straight long hair gives different men's long hairstyles depending on the parting, position of the bangs and the length of the layers cuts. A long straight hair with uneven cut at the end is a great and unique style on its own for young men if worn in middle parts or if swept back.

Layers, fringes and bangs can add excitement to the long grown straight hair. Try cutting then hair is same length giving it a hot look or you give a shorter cut at different places to make it go with the shape of the face. Different length hair cut can give a smaller appearance to the face and a long grown thick hair can give a flatter appearance to the head.

You can also get a ruffled or un uncared look on yourself if you have a good hairstylist to cut hour hair at different length and shape the style with hair managed in a unequal layers. You can also have long bangs falling at your face in a natural and soft way to complete the look.

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