Mens Haircuts 2016

Mens Haircuts 2016

Haircut makes everyone look better or maybe we can say good haircut transform every one of the people to look smart, young and confident. Though most of us think that hairstyles and hair grooming just is just for women, men are also taking interest in grooming themselves as they can look and feel attractive with the new and wisely chosen hairstyles. Do you know that there is a number of possible hairstyle and haircut option for men even if the women have a slightly higher number of options.

What Does A Perfect Mens Haircuts Do?

Under Cut Hairstyles

A good, suitable and easy to carry (easy to carry may depend upon each individual) hairstyle can do a wonder job for you. A well chosen hairstyle can give different looks on the same person, while one gives a neat look the other might give a slept in look, some might make you look young and stylish while another make you look like an hard core professional. Men can choose from very short crops to long and asymmetric men's haircuts which can give a hint of the character and person they are.

Men can even get a super cool hairstyle with spikes or shaggy cut. and some men are even up for the rock or the punk haircuts. It is good to go to an experienced hair stylist if you would like to have a brand new men's haircut, you can tell them what style you would prefer and they can help you to choose the one that goes on with your preference, your profession and your face shape. You can also take a photo of the men's haircut you would prefer so that you can get your idea straight to the barber or the hairdresser without having to exlain much. Every man doesn’t like shaving his beard day after day, over and again. Every man can do experiment with their beard and wearing beard is a symbol of maturity and dignity. Men can choose different hairstyles depending up on their style of beard.

Best Hairstyles for Beard

Mens Short Haircuts

Men can have a very short crop hairstyle which is very easy to manage and can give a serious and very professional look. Those of who are having a receding hairline can opt for this very short hairstyle which helps to camouflage the hairline a bit. And if they have started balding to a shiny clean head, shaving the hair completely will help and give them a new look. Men with thick and much coiled hair, especially the African Americans can have the 360 waves cut which is very popular pattern which forms a naturally tight waves and ridges of 360 degree.

The buzz cut and the crew or the butch cut are among the all time favorite haircuts with those who prefer very short hair length, but men with very big face normally does not look great in this as it makes them appear larger. Short haired men can also try out a number of different men's hair cuts with a bit longer hair at the crown and short hairs around. Spikes are also possible on short hairs.

It’s very important to know shape of your face to choose the correct hairstyle for you. Different shapes like Round Face, Square Face, Oval Face, Long Face, Triangular Face and Diamond Face.

Hairstyles for Different shape faces

Mens Medium Haircuts

Men who opt for medium length hair can have a large number of men's haircuts. They can try the spiky style which is a trend among young boys, college students and teenagers. This hairstyle can be done in a number of variations depending on the number of spikes, its lengths and where you do most of the spikes, but this hairstyle doesn't usually go well older men. A classic taper hair cut which is professional and at the same time trendy can go well on any one and at any age group; the best thing about this hairstyle is you can go to your office and to the night club in this hairstyle and never look out of place in either.

Medium length hair can be cut by parting them at the sides, in the middle or leaving them messed up with no part at all. Forehead bangs can also be tried with medium length hair and it looks good on straight hair, wavy hair or even curly hair. They can also try out tousled style or an asymmetrical brush forward cut. The straight haired men can try middle part bowl cut where the hair at the top of the ear left long and is cut in a slightly tapering fashion. This cut which have very short hair at the back of the head and longer same ear length hair on the crown can give a cool and sexy appearance.

Mens Long Haircuts

Though most men go for the easy to manage short or medium length cut, growing the hair long and tying it up in a pony tail is a religiously followed practice by many men. Long hair which is the product of a few years hard work falls in the right way depending on the gravity of the hair. So, the hair cut should give it with the correct flow down style if you don’t want pieces of hair sticking out from wrong places. Straight and wavy hair do look good on men when grown long, but curly hair is a bit difficult and needs a lot of maintaining and anti frizz treatments so as to look good and tamed when grown longer than a certain length, if the curls are of of the thick frizzy type. And if it is soft romantic curls, then your long hair can look better on you than do the straight or wavy ones.

A graduated cut can be tried on the curly hair to give it a manageable look but curly hair grown long demands for a lot of anti frizz serum, styling gels and conditioner to make it look soft and frizz free. Long straight hair can be cut in a one length or by varying length cut, and if the hair is too thick, the hair can be cut at different length to give a break up look. Men with long wavy hair too can try a single length or graduated layer cut. They can also try a messy cut with uniform length on every place.

Very long hair cuts are not on trend now but if you really wish to try it make sure you wear it in a pony tail unless it is straight and manageable. Very long hair should be preferably men's haircut in gradation or long layers, rather than a straight blunt cut.

Easy Hairstyles you can do Yourself

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