Gifts for Men

Gifts are a way to express one’s feelings and love towards its recipient. It does not matter whether the gift is big or small, cheap or expensive, what matters is the feelings of love and affection of the gift giver towards the recipient.

Everyone, including men, likes to receive gifts from their loved ones as it is a token of affection. The occasion could range from a birthday, anniversary, Father’s Day, retirement or any other milestone achieved by the recipient.
Some of the gift ideas for men are:

  1. All men are gadget freaks and they will love to get any electronic product as a gift. You can gift him a PDA cell phone or a personal organizer to make him a bit organized.
  2. Many men like playing video games, no matter what their age is. If your man is into video games, you can buy him a Play station 3, XBOX 360 or Nintendo Wii and get him hooked. You are sure to get pampered like a princess by him in return.
  3. You can gift him the latest iPod in the market which he can use to watch some of his favorite movies, download music, play games and check e-mails. He will definitely love it and not mind waiting for you while you are out shopping.

An iPhone with its touch screen interface is another option for your gadget freak man.

  1. If you and your spouse like watching movies, you can buy him a home theatre system to watch movies at home. Alternatively, you can buy him an outdoor home theater kit which will enable you to watch some romantic movies in your backyard under the light of the moon. The outdoor home theater kit can be easily set up and dismantled so there is no problem for storage as well.
  2. The lifetime membership of a prestigious gym or club in the city is a practical gift idea for those who like to sweat it out in the gym. If he is a sports enthusiast, you can gift him lifetime membership of a sports club. If he is fond of baseball, you can gift him a personalized baseball bat with his initials engraved on it. If he is fond of cricket, you can gift him a complete cricket set. If he is crazy about football, you can give him a replica of jersey of his favorite team.

Tickets of a football match or a cricket match involving his favorite team could be another way of showing how much you care for his likes and dislikes.

  1. If your husband is adventurous type and likesto live life on the edge, you can sponsor an adventurous camp or trekking trip for him and his band of boys. He would really appreciate your gesture as he would get some time for bonding with his male pals and doing activities that he would have otherwise not done if he had gone with the family.
  2. You can give him cufflinks or tiepins with his initials engraved on it. His favorite brand of perfume is another option. A stylish leather wallet can also be a handy gift for him which will make him remember you whenever he sees his wallet and it will last for years to come.
  3. If he is environment-conscious, you can give him solar power mobile charger. This charger will help charge the battery of the mobile with the help of solar energy instead of electricity. By giving this gift, you will also do your bit towards energy conservation.
  4. If he enjoys collecting watches, you can give him a leather watch case which will not only protect his collection of watches but also make a style statement.
  5. If he is a geek and is forever seen with his laptop, you can gift him a portable flexible keyboard which he can take with him anywhere he wants. The size of the flexible keyboards is the same as the normal keyboard but the unique thing about it is that you can roll it up when you are on the go or for storage purposes. Also, it is water resistant.
  6. You can also give him a personalized photo calendar with different photos of two of you and the family to keep on his desk. The calendar will not only bring a smile to his face whenever he sees the calendar, it will also remind him of the good times you spent together.

A gift which is given from the heart is bound to get appreciated, no matter what the gift is and what its price is. It is the feeling of the giver that matters.