Living Room Paint

Living Room is said to be the heart of the house and most significant thing is that it is the first room that comes in notice of a visitor whenever he enters the house. Living Room is considered as the most important room of the entire house, and people spend most of their time in living room. This is the place where the whole family enjoys watching television, listening music, etc. So after the above discussion, we can understand that it becomes prime objective for a house owner to decorate his living room so that guest or visitor can appreciate. If the word ‘decoration’ need to be discuss than first thing which comes in our mind is ‘Paint’.

In simple words, we can define paint as a liquid mixture usually of a solid pigment in a liquid vehicle which is used for the decorative or protective coating purpose. You can use paint in different parts of your living room. Like not only in walls, we can use the Paint in our doors or in furniture. There are lots and lots of benefits of paint, like it not only provides the beautiful view to your walls or door but also givesprotective coating to them. First and major thing which you have to keep in mind for painting in your living room is Color.

Choosing a perfect color scheme is very important, as color is the first which a visitor or guest notices when he enters in your living room. A perfect selection of color is not only essential in walls, but also mandatory in door, trims, accessories and accents. Always try to select that particular color for your living room which is influenced with the largest furniture that dominates the room. To understand more about proper color for painting your living room we need to discuss about the right color scheme. While selecting the paint color for your living room always consider the amount of sunlight entering into your living room. Green is a good color which you can select for your living room, as this color gives the feeling of freshness to your living room. If you use light color like yellow or white along with green then it gives a dashing and stylish look to your room.

Apart from green, yellow is also a good choice for paint in your living room, as this color provides a welcoming look to your living room. Like Green and yellow, I also want to prefer you people blue color as it gives a cool and refreshing look to your living room. Similarly brown color gives the feeling of classiness, red color adds up the feeling of bold and courage and orange color gives warm and friendly feeling to your living room. Its better to avoid excessive bold colors for your living room as one can easily get irritated with this color paint. Try to use neutralcolor for your living room as it gives the feeling of calmness and elegance to your room. Like color, a proper finishing is also an essential part of paint. Flat or matte paint finish with no shine is considered as the best paint finish for your living room walls. Reason for which I prefer you this finish is that, it has good stain resistance power.

Eggshell or velvet finish with soft glow is also a good option as it gives elegant and sophisticated look to your living room. Apart from its look Velvet finishes are easy to clean. If we talk about the finishes for doors and trims, then one thing that strikes in my mind is satin or semi gloss paint finishes. As these finish provides the glow to your door and trims. This topic remains incomplete if we will not discuss the role and importance of Behr paint in living room. Hence let me speak up in brief about ‘Behr’. Behr was founded in 1947 by Otho Behr Jr. Behr are the manufacturers of interior and exterior residential paints. Best thing of Behr paint is that it has wide range of colors available, like there are 1800 colors of paint sample, and overall colors are around 4000.