Living Room Designs

Living room designs - Before starting up the relevance or importance of Design in designating your living room, let me tell you in brief about Living Room and Design. Living room is also known as front room or lounge room. You need to be creative or have to take special care when ever you are thinking about the designation of your living room. Living room is the most valuable room of the house as in this room we people have spend most of our relaxation time and hence it is a major reason that this room needs to be a nice room.

Designing - The best part which we should follow in our living room to give it an eye appealing and rich look. In simple words, we may describe design as the planning that lays the basis for making of any object. A proper and planned designing is very essential for giving your living room a beautiful look. Furniture is the first and most important thing which any person notices in your living room, hence it is mandatory for you people to use designer furniture in your room, the benefit of using designer furniture is that it is not bulky and you should easily move these furniture’s according to your convenience. Also, designing will provide a cool and modern look to your living room. So, following are few of the important points which you person can follow for the proper designing of your living room:-

  • Color: - Proper selection of color for your living room may affect what your guest feels about your room. You will have to use a particular color for your wall that will match up with the largest furniture of your room. And always try to use the lighten color in your living room. A combination of soft blue and white color will make the room look spacious and also gives the feel cool and calm.
  • Wall and Ceiling Finishing: - Walls of living rooms are considered as more elaborate and formal as compare to other room because this room is a public space. Always try to choose wall coverings or treatments that reflect your style.  I would prefer you to choose white fabric paint for the walls as it effect the warmth and texture of your living room walls and gives it a look of antiquity.
  • Architectural Trim work: - Trim work serves practical purposes like covering the seams where floors and ceiling meet walls and support the structure around opening. The style of trim work helps us in giving distinctive look to our living room.
  • Style: - Style is the most important point, like this point says how you want to see your living room. Style says about your mood towards life.  

Here I also want to suggest another idea for good designing on your living room, this idea comes from Victorian times, and this idea is to change the look of your living room according to the season. This is a best way to give your living room a beautiful look. Even we can also go for floral décor in our living room, that’s also a very unique idea for our living room décor.

This material can also be used for table cloth or chair slip colors even we can use this material in our curtains. In last, I just want to add that in small living rooms you should be more attentive, because there is shortage of space in this room. First thing which strikes in our mind when we think about the décor of small living room is to apply ‘cool’ color in your walls and ceiling. Never try to use multi color for painting walls, as it makes your room looking very congested, always try to use single color and blue and green are consider as good colors for the walls of your small living room.

Here I also want to add that if you use large scale objects in small living room then it makes your room appear larger. This kind of arrangement in your small living room will also give it a modern trend look.