Living Room Decor


Decoration refers to the changes which we people make in our room for making it attractive and eye appealing. I believe Living Room is the main and best place where you guys can try new and innovative kind of ideas for roomdecoration. Living Room is the first thing that comes in person mind when he enters the house. And it becomes the major objective for the house owner to make ensure that the living room looks stylish and well decorated. Best and easiest way to decorate living room is paint.

This is not an expensive idea and comes in budget. Living Room paint colors should be chosen based on the largest piece of the furniture that dominates the room. Color is a very effective way of setting a mood in the room. Living Room color schemes may vary from different people style and personality. Next thing which comes in mind in decorating of living room is Furniture. Furniture plays a vital role in making your living room attractive. It is advisable to buy small furniture like stylish chairs rather than bulky sofa sets which are more expensive and looks too odd.

In the past, living room was considered as the place with format settings to welcome the honored guest. There are certain factors which we have to keep in mind while doing the décor of our living room. These factors are lifestyle of family members, functional placement of furniture, visual balance, proper color scheme, fabric patterns of curtains, ambient lighting, wall treatments, etc. Let’s move on to the furniture of the living room. Antique furniture are considered as one of the most popular type of furniture which people prefer for making their living room attractive.

As Antique furniture is very expensive, it requires lot of research and an eye of expert also with the person having good knowledge of furniture history and styles of different countries and periods. Here I also want to add like high quality handmade arts and craft furniture for the living room is very expensive, it’s better to buy cheaper quality furniture made by machines. Apart from antique, we people can also choose modern furniture for our living room, as it gives modern and stylish look to our living room.

This may include stylish sitting arrangements or contemporary rugs. Beautiful lamp placing at living room table can also become a wonderful and unique way for welcoming your guest. Modernistic, sleek tables, side tables with glass tops are arranged well in the living room for giving the room an oriental look. When we are discussing about the furniture topic for our living room, then I also like to state one thing that is arranging the furniture in a right way so that it will decide whether the living room looks cluttered or well organized.

First thing which we have to plan for setting up of furniture in right manner is to measure up the room and draw the sketch of the room so that we can easily know how much space is available and what all kind of furniture we can place under this space so that it looks well organized living room. Apart from furniture there are few other décor ideas which you people can apply in your living room. These ideas are:-

  • Specialty areas can be created using painted decorative scenes.
  •  By placing pillows you can add warmth and comfort to your living room.
  • You can also prefer layered lighting plan for your living room as it will give and eye appealing view to guest.
  • Choosing a good color scheme so that it matches with the curtains and wall covering.
  • Also use rugs to cover the unattractive areas of your living room.

After discussing the different ideas of decorating living room, my next step is to discuss the role of Feng Shui in regard to living room decoration. In simple words, we may say this is a simple way of decorating living room to allow free flow of life energy that improves the quality of our lives. Always keep the entrance of living room free from any clutter.

Also never place a mirror opposite to the door of living room. One more thing you have to consider if you are following Feng Shui for your living room, always try to put up your photographs or pictures of happy times. In the end, I want to say that Wall decoration is also a nice decorative thing which you guys can apply for decorating your living room.

You can use or apply different kind of decorations to the walls of your living room. These may be photo frames of yours or your family members and decorative tattoos for giving an attractive look to your walls. Hope the above discussion will help you in future for the décor of your living room.