LG Phone Accessories


  • The mobile phone as a gadget has innumerable benefits. It can keep you connected with the whole world anywhere and at any time.
  • With mobile phones you can surf the Internet listen to music, take pictures and a hots of other activities.
  • LG is a leader in Luxury goods industry.
  • Also it is one of the market leaders in mobile phones. One of its new model in the mobile phone category is the PRADA phone.
  • This phone is regarded as a breakthrough in the mobile phone industry.
  • It is elegant, sophisticated and has feature that makes it unique in its own way.
  • Mobile phones have received immense popularity among the masses.
  • But interestingly the sale of accessories for mobile phones has even received more attention than mobile phones itself.
  • The LG PRADA phone also has a number of accessories ranging from batteries to the car kits.
  • Here is a brief overview of the LG phones accessories available for the PRADA model.

Description on Batteries as Accessories

  • A battery is the most important component of a mobile phone.
  • It is like the heart of a phone.
  • For the LG PRADA model there is a replacement or spare battery- the LG KE850.
  • This Battery requires at least two charges to reach its full capacity.
  • Regular price for this battery is $60. But there are many online stores where you ca get this battery for as low as $40.

Car Kit

  • For the LG PRADA there is the Comfort Vision 9010 Bluetooth Car Kit.
  • This kit has a LCD monitor that can display three lines of messages, strength of the signal as well as the battery level.
  • This car kit can run of the cigarette lighter of your car.
  • Even while installing it you do not need a professional, it is very simple you juts need to plug it and you are ready.
  • There are two loudspeakers wit this car kit. Equipped with ECHO and DSP noise cancellation the loudspeakers give you the perfect sound.
  • The control panel of this car kit has six buttons with the following functions – send, reject, end, redial, and volume.
  • Besides you also get a charging cable with this cable so that you can even charge your phone when you are driving.

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  • Bluetooth is a device which allows you to talk without the use of your hands.
  • This accessory is very safe and useful.
  • For people who need to talk while they are driving,
  • Bluetooth is a very safe option.
  • For the LG PRADA, there is a bluetooth specially made for this model - LG HBM-510 Bluetooth Headset.
  • This headset has PRADA logo and also a caller ID display that constantly informs you about the status of power and also the volume of the headset.
  • This headset is the perfect accessory for your new phone.


  • For the LG PRADA model there are a number of headsets namely LG Prada Earbuds, ear boom headsets and over the ear headsets.
  • This headset has many hi-tech features that allow you to do many things while you also answer over your phone.
  • This headset is perfect LG phone accessories.

Leather Cases, Covers And Faceplates

  • Leather cases, holsters, and covers are popular LG phone accessories.
  • These covers protects your phone from get disfigured and ensures that they look beautiful for a longer duration of time.
  • Most of the cases from LG have durable belt clips that also rotate.


  • Nowadays, with most of the accessories that we find in the market are already customized to fit a particular model.
  • Be it a cover or a battery, they perfectly suit the model for which you buy it. The same is the case with chargers.
  • For the LG PRADA model, you get travel chargers, car chargers and also desktop chargers.
  • These chargers are an important accessory for those who do a lot of traveling.