Layered Hairstyles for Women

If you are one of those with fine hair and wonder what to do to add some volume to it, the simple solution would be layered hairstyles for women. Layered hairstyles for women give an illusion of volume and length. The basic technique of this hair cut is to cut the top layers shorter than those beneath. This makes the ends of the upper layers blend seamlessly with the layers below.

The thumb rule for creating layered hairstyles for women is lifting the hair at right angles to the crown and then snipping it in a straight file.

Here are a few varieties of layered hairstyles for women:

Layered Hairstyles for Women

Image : Pixabay

Sliding Haircut:

Sliding haircut creates soft layered tips and gives a single-length look. Hence it is well suited hairstyle for women with wavy hair. The technique used to achieve this style is to divide the hair into 4 parts starting with the rear section first. Radial cuts at an angle of 20 degrees are made for each section. The back of the head has 2 sections and the front two, with the ear serving as a mid point.

Graduated Bob:

Graduated bob creates deeper layers because the radial cuts are now made at an angle of 90 degrees to the length of the hair.

Blended Elevation:

Blended elevation is created by dividing the hair into 4 sections, the top section being cut at 90 degrees and the side sections at 180 degrees. The next two layers are again cut at 90 degrees. This results in elevated layers on the top that gradually blend with the back and side layers. This layered hairstyle is suitable only for women with straight or fine hair. Those with curly or wavy hair should avoid this hair cut for obvious reasons.

Reverse Graduation:

Reverse graduation is created by dividing the hair into 6 parts, with the bob section cut at 90 degrees to the length of the hair. The remaining sections are cut at 180 degrees in relation to the bob section. This hairstyle is again suited only for straight hair, even medium wavy hair, but not curly and very wavy hair.

Angled Bob:

Angled bob is perfect for those with thick hair. It reaches the jaw line and then tapers at the nape. In the shorter style there appears to be only 2 layers, but those with longer hair lengths can create multiple layers to give volume and finesse.

Layered Cuts for Long Hair:

Layered cuts give shape and style to the long hair. The pluses of going for a layered style are that it gives the freshness to your look without making a dramatic statement when you cut your hair short. Also, it goes with all hair textures with the exception of curly hair.

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