Latest Trends in Tribal Tattoos

Latest Trends in Tribal Tattoos

Latest Tribal Tattoos Trends

Tribal Tattoos Origins

Tattoos have been in use by people since many centuries where most cultures used tattoos. They were used to mark major transitions in life – like a rite of passage. Most of the designs forms the basis for tribal tattoos originated from Native Americans, Celts, Polynesia and the Maoris. The tattoos are based on mythological figures and natural phenomena.

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Tribal Tattoos Styles

Tribal tattoos have thick curving lines, interlocked patterns and mostly black. They are visually very appealing and minimalist in a way. Some designs are abstract as they have been modified by individual tattoo artists. Tattoo may be done with or without shading and designs can be grouped together.

Tribal tattoos of old and current ones are very different. Current styles are a mix of tradition and modern designs. Some people still use them to pay homage to their ancestors – as they are making a comeback with a rage in the latest trends in tattooing. The most appealing feature of tribal tattoos is that they can be made to be as masculine or toned to be really subtle and feminine.

Let’s take a look at the latest trends in tribal tattoos.

Armband Tattoos originated in the Polynesian Islands. Modern designs have lots of elements from the old designs. Celtic designs are very intricate and have lot of interwoven elements and symmetry to the central to the design. These designs need a very steady hand and there are just a few specialists in this art.

Even Native American art is rendered in tribal designs and there are many animal tattoos that appeal to the younger and hip generation.

Other designs like Wolves, Dragons, Fish, Tribal tattoos designs embedded with a cross or other religious symbols, lion and tiger tattoos rendered in a tribal style, Egyptian hieroglyphs are a few design styles that are finding favor with tattoo enthusiasts. With all the advances in technology available to get clean and crisp tattoos, tribal tattoos effects are being used to interpret and render artistic designs. This form is seeing a powerful revival as an art form.

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