Jewellery - Derivative of the original English word "jewel" meaning ornament, jewelers has a vast potential in it for explanation. Archeological experts account for this concept some 5000 years back, right from the birth of civilization of our ancestors in all the continents. China, Egypt, Persia are considered to be the cradles of human civilization ages before.

Invariably in all those countries jewellery made of not only gold but of various materials including bones of animals were found to be worn by the females. No wonder even today it persists with them centuries after!

Jewellery - its growth and popularity

Once the primitive man fulfilled his basic needs of food and shelter, he started craving for luxuries and his better half beat him in this by nagging for more and more ornaments to adore her for the sake of beautification and gradually jewellery started to be the symbol of social status. When centuries rolled by paving for usage of metals, jewels made of bones, stones, animal skins and so on vanished and gold emerged to be the ideal one and precious for making jewellery. Just imagine today whether there is any language in the whole world which does not have the translation for the word "jeweler" and hardly any female who has not uttered this word in her lifetime at least once. Such is the popularity of jewellery.

Jewellery - a status symbol and show piece of wealth

In economics even before currencies of money were invented, gold was the sole metal used for barter in trade. Even today the actual financial worth of any country, let alone individuals, is measured by the stock of gold they possess - is it not? A jeweler made of gold thus holds an important role in the world economics and the monarchs of any country, big or small in the world map, had their treasury full of jewellery. Only the usage of gold in making jewellery differs - if in Asian countries they go in for pure gold, in the European and African countries they prefer lesser content of purity of gold for making jewellery fancied by their women.

Jewellery - a piece of art and creative design

Exquisite designs of jewellery made out of the hands and creative brains of artisans all over the world are prevalent today in emulating up- to- date fashions (again a female-dominated world by the word) and millions of people are either buying or changing jewellery everyday. Funny thing - they are not leaving any part of the body from head to toe - for wearing jewellery of different shapes, sizes and designs - from hairpins, necklaces to metty (worn by Indian married women) on their toes. Gold, Silver, Diamonds, gems and other precious stones of a myriad of colors are being used in beaded jewellery and this is a never ending obsession of our female partners. So jewellery will continue to exist till the last woman with fashion consciousness exists for sure.