Interiors and Infrastructure of a House


Planning a home is as much an engineering feat as much as an aesthetic one. The interiors of the home are totally dependent on the infrastructure of the house. There is far greater awareness today for the need of infrastructure to support interior aspirations. Without proper infrastructural support, any kind of interior design and planning will only be superficial.

Layout of the Home:

  1. The layout of the home is the most important step in planning the interiors.
  2. Plan out the activities that will be carried out and the space needed by each member of the family before planning the home.
  3. Designated areas for each member and for each activity will help in planning the areas with maximising light etc to suit the activity.
  4. Placement of pillars for support will determine the need of walls and partitions.

Windows for Brightening the Home

  1. Placement of windows to maximise light is the fundamental process to brighten the home
  2. Windows in areas such as the kitchen, bedroom etc will bring in natural light and breeze into the home and reduce the need for artificial light and ventilation sources
  3. Skylights where possible are also a nice source of adding light and brightness into the home
  4. Doors and their placement
  5. Large French windows and doors help in bringing in the outdoors and adding light and brightness to the home
  6. French windows which open onto a patio or a balcony help in making the home look airy
  7. Using glass panes on the doors will make the home look brighter than heavy panelled doors
  8. Limiting the use of doors only in areas that need privacy such as the sleeping areas will help make the home look less heavy and more open

Planning of Light Sources

  1. While planning the infrastructure of the home, planning for the light sources is very important.
  2. Light sources have to be provided in areas where additional light is needed, such as the counter tops in the kitchen and a spot of reading.

Maximising Natural Elements

  • Infrastructure of the home needs to be planned in such a way that natural elements can be maximised.
  • Insulation during the cold season and brightness when light is available is important while planning interiors