How To Replace a Washing Machine Belt

The washing machine belt is the main part that runs the washing and spinning tub. Due to wear and tear or if some cloth is stuck between the tubs, the belt could be displaced or burned.

There are two scenarios where you can identify that the belt needs to be replaced. One is when water fills in the washer but the machine does not move. This means the belt is broken. Another is when the machine makes a loud, piercing sound. This means the belt is displaced or worn out. In any case, you need to replace the belt. Knowing how to replace a washing machine belt is a tricky but essential skill, as this would help you avoid heavy repair bills.

The location and type of belt might vary from one model to another; however, the basic replacement steps are common.

Follow these steps:

1. Unplug the machine from the power source.

2. Now, you need to find the machine belt. In machines with removable panel, you have to remove the panel and find the belt. Otherwise, you need to look inside the machine through its bottom. If you do not find a belt, then your model has the direct dive, which needs fixing by a professional.

3. Once you make sure that there is a drive belt, now cover the area (floor) before moving on to the next step. This will help avoid water mess in that area.

4. Tilt the machine and locate the drive belt, it would be in black color.

5. Disconnect the belt, motor and rubber clubbing by removing the clamps.

6. Now, gently slip the belt off the motor pulley and transmission.

7. Slide in the new belt over the motor pulley and transmission.

8. Connect the belt, motor and rubber clubbing using the clamps.

9. Tilt the machine back to its position.

10. Plug the washing machine to the power source and try running it.

You must refer to your machine’s manual for detailed information.