How To Make A Tower Floral?

It takes a touch of art to be able to create a little magic and a special feel to visitors. When you know how to make a tower floral, you would have scored well for the session, be it an informal gathering or a special occasion that calls for a little care and attention to detail.

What do You Need to Make a Fower Floral?

A tower flora is very much capable of creating the impression that would project you in the best light. And there are a few, very simple things that you need to create a tower floral.

Eiffel vases:

You could get these vases in different sizes – you could opt for your favourite size of the one that would suit your purpose, on how and where you would want to use our tower floral.

Floral Foam and bouquet holder:

You may want to use floral foam along with a bouquet holder, to attach them to the base of the Eiffel vase.


It would be a good idea to add greenery towards the base of the Eiffel vase so that the bouquet holder and the floral foam are not obviously visible.


They are the very purpose of your endeavour – choose the ones that would go with your mood and the ambience.

How to Make a Tower Floral?

You may want to soak the floral foam in water for around a quarter of an hour before you attach it to the bouquet holder. The greenery that you obtained would have to be cut to around half a foot long and inserted into the vase along the sides to reach till the bottom, so that they mask the bouquet holder and the floral foam when placed inside the Eiffel vase. Keep the flowers hydrated the previous night, cutting off less than an inch of the stems.

Now that you have all the accessories, place the flower stems in the vase in such a way that they seem to blossom out of the vase, with the larger flowers towards the centre, extending out with the smaller ones at the periphery. And there you are, with the tower floral that you just made.