How To Make Flower Arrangements?

The fact is that it is much easier to make flower arrangements that what you might have possibly thought. When you know how to make flower arrangements using simple stuff and things that you use every day, you would no longer have to rush to a florist to have them done to decorate your Centre table on a special occasion. There are many ways you could make flower arrangements, and one of them involves the use of fruits and vegetables to give a different look and feel to your drawing room.

Things you Need to Make Flower Arrangements:

Glass vase:

This is something that you could buy to your choice, based on the height, the thickness, the shape, and the colour that you would want it in. If you could get a transparent one with clear glass, it would serve the purpose.

Fruits and vegetables:

All you need to make flower arrangements is a set of fruits and vegetables. You could choose to buy around half a dozen oranges and lemons, just as you would as part of your regular shopping experience.


You could buy flowers with their stems that are long enough, corresponding to the depth of your vase. It would be a good idea to go for larger flowers such as tulips, which are impressive in their size, colour and looks.

How to Make Flower Arrangements?

This is a simple exercise, now that you have all the ingredients handy. You may fill u to half the vase with whole oranges and lemons. Whatever remains of the fruits, slice them into two so that their inner natural designs and colours reveal themselves. Slide these sliced fruits – their respective halves – along the sides of the glass vase, in between the glass and the whole fruits inside. Ensure that the sliced fruits are turned inside out.

Now, pour water into the vase and fill it up. Slide the stems of the flowers into the vase, in the gaps between the fruits, with the flowers blossoming on top of the vase. Now, you know how to make flower arrangements.