How To Make Dried Flower Swag

Dried flower swag is the perfect, natural way of adding value to your homes and your drawing rooms. With just a few basic stuffs that go into the making of a simple, yet beautiful, piece of decoration, you would be able to create an impression that even some of the best creations of art may struggle to form.

What do you Need to Make Dried Flower Swag?

Garden Twigs and Trimmings:

Twigs and trimmings could be of 6 inches long, which would basically be dried foliage from asparagus, dusty miller, fern, juniper, or oak – they are known to dry well for the purpose.

Dried Flowers with Stems:

There are many dried flowers that you could choose from, and ones that look splendid when they are dried – you could get them dried if at home with a simple drying rack. Some of the flowers and leaves that you could use to make dried flower swag include achillea, ageratum, caspia, cockscomb, eucalyptus, lavender, misty, oregano, roses and sunflower, to name a few.

Twine, Fishnet Wire, Colored Wire and a Cloth Hanger:

These are the basic things that would go into the making of dried flower swag. A normal cloth hanger could be made into the frame to be stretched to the shape of your choice for use in the dried flower swag.

How to Make Dried Flower Swag?

Once you have cut the stems with some grip to hold on to, you could focus on the hanger to stretch it to the shape of a diamond along the sides. Use the wire to help the flowers hold on to the framework that you have just created. Of the branches and trimmings that you have collected, use the larger ones to form the base of the swag, while the smaller branches could be piled on to the larger ones.

Now that you have created a base with the trimmings, go for the dried flowers. Choose the color combination that best suits your interest, starting with the larger flowers at the base. Use the twine to tie around the flowers. You could use colored tape for the base of the swag. Once you have used colored tape to cover the hanger’s hook, you are ready to hand the dried flower swag.