How to Choose the Right Bag for Your Body

Women are fashion conscious and they often keep themselves abreast with the current fashion trends in clothing, accessories, footwear and other such stuff. But when it comes to handbags, not many are aware about the types of handbags available in the market and not much have knowledge about the fact that handbags are to be shopped for keeping in mind the body structure and type, because the right type of handbag selected can make you a fashionista or if a wrong handbag is chosen, it might add to fashion faux paus.

Let us brief our readers on how to go about choosing the right handbag as per their body type.

If you’re Petite

For petite women, small handbags are bliss. Alternatively medium sized handbags can be used too but try to buy one which is not too large. Although Hollywood’s fashion showcases petite women carrying large bags, these are a strict no-no because a large handbag looks like a burden for your petite. Try avoiding shoulder strapped bags these long straps tend to weigh the burden on you making you look more petite.

If you’re Tall and Thin

For tall and thin women, fashion experts suggest large oversized handbags. Shoulder bags, strap bags, clutches, midsize to bulky bags, almost everything suits well and looks good on tall and thin women. But while purchasing a handbag, do consider the size of the bag, because small sized bags tend to make tall and thin women look extra sized.

If you’re Plus Sized

If your body type is large, do not go for buying small bags as they make you look larger. Handbags of reasonable size suit best. For instance, bags which are in proportion with your body, like medium sized or small with medium length straps would do wonders for plus sized women. These make you look thinner.

For Women with Curvy Figure

For women with curvy figure, any type of bag such as hobos, strap bags, clutches, messenger bags suit perfectly provided they end right above the waist o flatter your figure. For women of this body type, fashion gurus suggest to avoid too small or too large bags in proportion to your body type.

For Women with Large Bottom

For women with large hips, we suggest to go for bags that are short strapped which can easily slid under the arm. Hobos or shoulder handbags are good that end just above the hips because if the length of the bag is long, it may draw unwanted attention to your bottom which you definitely do not want.

For Women with Heavy Top

For people with heavy bust, shoulder handbags with long straps that are large in size are recommended to keep the attention away from heavy top.

Tips and Conclusion

Just like you try clothes before buying, same is the case with bags. Wear a bag and look in the mirror just like you would while trying an outfit. Consider looking yourself in the mirror from different angles to discover a new look and check if the bag suits your body type. Although there are many trendy bags available in the market, don’t get carried away to buy one without considering your body figure.