How to Arrange Flower Baskets

Special occasion or just another day, you would need your table to look good for you to feel good. Of course, you would also want your visitors and guests to be impressed with some simple interior arrangements that could make a huge difference to your home. You could get them all done, if you know how to arrange flower baskets.

Things you Need to Arrange Flower Baskets:

It’s not a difficult task to know how to arrange flower baskets, as long as you knew what you would need to put in place. You would obviously need a well designed flower basket of your choice, and a range of flowers of different colors and sizes. Ensure that the flowers have their short stems in place. You would need a plastic sheet, double-sided tape or glue, floral foam, a pair of scissors to chop off the excess length of the stems, and some working space.

How to Arrange Flower Baskets?

Cut the plastic sheet to suit the shape and size of the basket. Place the plastic sheet at the bottom of the basket, sticking it to the surface with double tape, or with glue dropped on the bottom of the sheet at different places. Soak the floral foam in water and place it on the plastic sheet. You have now got the base ready to arrange the flower basket.

Decide whether you would want the flower basket to be hung, placed at the corner or against the wall, or placed at the centre of the table. If you are thinking of placing it at the side or along the wall, you would want the tall flowers at the far end, gradually dropping in height towards the near end. If the flower basket is to be placed at the centre, you may want the taller flowers towards the centre, with the smaller ones all around, and the smallest of flowers in the periphery.

Trim the flowers to their appropriate sizes based on their stems’ lengths. Now, it’s time to plant the flowers in the baskets. If you have some greenery at hand, you may want to place it along the edges, perhaps, drooping down over the walls of the basket. You have just known how to arrange flower baskets.