How to Arrange a Bridal Bouquet?

It is that time of your life when you are getting set for one of the most memorable moments that you would cherish – it’s your wedding, or that of your loved ones. And when it is time to display life in all its colours, you do not have to run from pillar to post and shop around for what you could get done using your own skills, interest, and a few simple steps. Here is how to arrange a bridal bouquet.

What do you need to arrange a bridal bouquet?

  • Flowers: That’s the obvious one when you are talking of how to make a bridal bouquet. However, the choice of flowers makes the difference. While you could choose any flower of your choice to be part of the bridal bouquet, ranging from button roses or a wide range of colours to sea lavender and green hypericum berry flowers, the idea is to create a combination of colours and textures that would make the bridal bouquet look full, attractive, and charming.
  • Other accessories: You would need, apart from flowers, floral shears, tapes, bouquet pins and a delightful working area that would inspire you to come up with the best.

How to arrange a bridal bouquet?

After you have relieved the beautiful roses of their nagging thorns and have cleared the foliage, you may want to maintain the flowers with their stems at around 10 inches long. Put together a set of 3 to 4 flowers and bind them with the floral tape, at approximately a couple of inches from the flower head – that should leave around 4 – 6 inches towards the bottom of the bridal bouquet.

Once the base is established, get more flowers around the base to form a thick structure and a full blossom at the top. Keep wrapping around the stems with the same specifications that you started off with, till the entire stem is covered by the time you have placed all the flowers in the bridal bouquet. You could then add a strip of ribbon of the colour of your choice across the stem, over the floral tape, and your bridal bouquet is ready to use.