How Do You Store a Washing Machine

When storing a washing machine, you need to take much care to avoid any future repairs. Whether to move or simply store away, just pushing the machine into a shed, storing space or garage is not the right approach. Properly storing the machine is not an expensive way. In fact, it would save you costs on repairs when you need to reuse the machine. So how do you store a washing machine properly?

You need to prepare the machine, and then you need to secure it and finally store it safely.

Preparing the Machine

1. Run your machine (without any clothes in it) using hot water and vinegar/bleach in normal cycle.

2. After the wash cycle, keep the drum open for about 12-24 hours, for it to dry completely.

3. Shut the water supply valves.

4. Turn off the washer’s circuit breaker switch.

5. Unplug the machine.

6. Disconnect and drain the water (hot & cold) supply hoses.

7. Remove the clamp holding the drain hose to the washer and drain the hose completely.

8. Place the hoses inside the washer drum.

9. Clean the exterior sides of the washer using a household cleaner.

Securing the Machine

1. If you still have the machine’s original packaging, place the machine in it.

2. Close the washer and dryer door firmly and apply strapping tape to hold them in place.

3. Place enough towels or packing peanuts or Styrofoam to hold the machine firm inside the box.

Storing the Machine

1. Keep your machine in a secluded place where there is not much traffic.

2. The machine should be stored in an upright position.

3. You must not lean, place or stack anything on the machine.

4. It would be best to store the machine in a room with climate controlling facility to avoid humidity and mold formation. Humidity causes rust. Mold is difficult to clean and injurious to health.