Housewarming Party

Relevance of Housewarming Party

The major turning point in an individual's life is entering into a new house. It appears to be a dream comes true, when your own house ushers you in, a feeling that becomes souvenir for your lifetime. Each and every planning that falls in the right place now actually erects in front of you, inviting you to enjoy the bliss with open hands. A new house is the highest materialistic achievement in anyone’s life. The joy and excitement of a new house is unimaginable and unmatched and the best way to express your emotions is by throwing a lavish housewarming party.
The celebration of achievement and the feeling of happiness multiply when you share and enjoy amidst close people. If you are moving to a complete new location, a grand party would enable you reunite with your old friends and relatives along with helping you make friends with the new neighbors.

Housewarming Party ldeas

  • Plan a formal ribbon cutting ceremony for your new home, complemented by well-wishers.
  • Arrange house tours to display the features of your new home.
  • Get the group to organize or decorate the room based on the taste of the host.
  • Have a painting party. Make sure you have sufficient pizza and beer in stock.
  • Any housewarming party can serve kids by providing a separate place for videos and crafts.

Housewarming Party Invitations

One of the biggest milestones in the life of a person is acquiring a new house. It is the time to bring out bottle of champagne and engage in serious partying.

Housewarming invitations can be personalized or open house invitations both. Housewarming_open_house invitations can be searched online. With such cute and personalized invitation your guests will get pampered and will definitely attend the party! There invitations can be customized or personalized with unique housewarming invitations wording ideas that too at affordable rates. If you are looking to print on your own, then blank cards are best. You can use free quotes and wording ideas available for housewarming and open house invitations. Having years of experience, such service providers are well aware what exactly you are thinking of.

Housewarming Party Decorations

A housewarming party is like showcasing your new possessions and belongings. Everyone loves to exhibit a new house and there cannot be a better way to do that, than by throwing a fabulous housewarming party. A new house being the focus of attraction for everyone, you must not worry about housewarming decorations. The vocal the decorations, the more the focus shift away from your new house. Why don’t you try these tips for your housewarming party decorations?

  • A new house looks refreshingly good but a little piece of decorations would definitely enhance its beauty.
  • Right from the drawing room to the bedroom everything should be well decorated. This is because your relatives and friends would be coming for the first time to your new house.
  • You can select your favorite color to decorate your house. Suppose if you have selected the color yellow, you can decorate your house with yellow cushions, yellow streamers, yellow sheets, and yellow plants.
  • If the party is based on a specific theme, the best option would be to embellish your house accordingly.
  • Balloons are the best bet for any party. Bunch of balloons tied to ribbons looks inviting and it will entirely metamorphose the house and transform it into a party venue.
  • Floral decorations can never go wrong. Delicate flowers, not only illuminates the place with their softness and appealing color but also adds to the fascinating ambience.
  • If you have invited people over for lunch/dinner, ensure the table is laid out artistically. Select a floral centerpiece and if you are using paper plates and disposable glasses, arrange them properly.
  • Leave sufficient place to sit around the house for your invitees and organize the chairs strategically, to highlight the best locations, for instance, the lawn, fireplace, or verandah.
  • If it is evening party make sure that your house is properly lit. This would help you catapult the beauty of your new home.
  • But go simple on decor and do not stretch yourself too much. Just enjoy and bask in the glory of the brand new house!!

Housewarming Party Games

A housewarming will leave no impressions if no housewarming party games are organized. Housewarming is all about celebrating and enjoying a new achievement and there cannot be a better way to do it than by involving in some fun games.
Games are not only for kids; even the elders enjoy games on special occasions.
The different Housewarming Party Games that can be played are

Musical chairs
Passing orange
Memory game
Chinese whispers
Guessing the picture

These Housewarming Party Games are popular amongst kids and elders both. Bubbly and vivacious games add more adventure and life to the party.

Housewarming Party Gifts

The foremost thing for you would be to plan budget and the kind of relation you share with the concerned person. A few ideas of housewarming gifts can flow as under:

  • Electrical gadgets are one of the most famous gift items so far housewarming gift options are concerned. You can either opt for expensive appliances such as oven, microwave, or pop-up toasters, steam iron items.
  • A decorative wall clock also sounds great! A wall clock would be a good way of decorating the wall as well as work as a utility product.
  • Albeit the family would have spent a lot of bucks on the furnishings, a small piece of furniture, viz. side table or bar stools can do wonders.
  • A nice paintings and wall hangings would always be a great hit as a house warming party gift. These would be a perfect way to enhance the look of the new home.
  • Upholstery articles, like curtains, table covers, cushions, and so on, can be considered a great gift options.
  • An everlasting gift option is a decorated basket filled with eatables like assortment of truffles cup-cakes etc. Ensure that they are neatly arranged in a gift basket.
  • Feng Shui home decorative items like bells, wind chimes and good-luck charms are much of craze.
  • If the person is not that close, you can select a beautiful vase or an antique piece of candle stand made in wrought iron, copper or brass.
  • A stylish CD rack would also make a good choice. He/she is sure to have a large collection of CDs. So, a CD rack would be of course useful for the person.
  • An antique and fabulous showpiece can do miracles if the person is an antique lover.

Housewarming Party Menu

Food and drink are necessary but keep them portable to enable people mill around. Finger meals are best and have many food stations in different places of the house to encourage people to explore the house.
The four ideal finger foods are:

  • Dips 
  • Chips
  • Stacked things
  • Seared things

Beverages - Depending on the guest list you can have:

  • wine coolers
  • Soda
  • water
  • bottled beer
  • non-alcoholic beverage

Housewarming Party Favors

While a housewarming party is generally about celebrating new house, good food, perfect ambience and great music, one can step a little ahead with added flavors and surprises as well. The best way to extend thanks your loved ones for attending your housewarming party may be in the shape of housewarming party favors. These need not be costly or a very fabulous and trendy too. Never forget that a favor is simply a token of thanks for your family and friends for being there to enjoy your happiness.

Housewarming Party Etiquette

    • You can add "no gifts" on the invitation if you expect people not to bring presents.
    • Register for gifts but do not add that on the invitation card. Tell only when asked.
    • If you got gifts, open it after the guests have departed.
    • Don’t forget to shoot a thank-you note to every invitee who brought the gifts.