Hooters Calendar 2016

Since 1986, the Hooters Calendar is hitting the populace as the best-selling calendar of this kind. The calendar is covered with photos of world famous hooter girls around the world. In addition to those pictures, the calendar displays different jokes and funny graphic items.

The Remarkable Difference:

There are several remarkable differences out there if we compare Hooters Calendar to the common one. Firstly, the Hooters Calendar can not serve as a common calendar. Most of the days in the Hooters Calendar are filled with the photos of the Hooters girls and jokes. Secondly, the months are not in order as well.

The ordering of months in this calendar is really unique and out of the crowd. Here, as a viewer wants to find out the desired month, he or she needs to start searching from the very beginning of the calendar. The idea behind this type of ordering, according to the project director Doug Vollmer, is nothing but to make the viewer to see all the girls and jokes once again for each of the time.

That means, a viewer has to view the same pictures and write-ups again and again for each of the months. It sounds quite monotonous, but in practice, the case is found quite worthy considering the popularity since last two decades.

The Selection Process:

The selection process for the Hooters Calendar is simple, but it consumes lots of time. At the first phase of the selection process, the applicant girls submit their photo to Hooters Calendar Photo Crew.

The Photo Crew then selects girls for a professional photo session which is mostly held by local areas. After the photo session gets over, the project director then selects girls for next proceedings.

These selected girls are then invited to annual photo selection convention held in Clearwater, Florida. This is home town of the original hooters. In general this convention is held during summer time, where Hooters owners, marketers, celebrity guests, franchisee groups are present in order to select more than 250 girls as the finalist for the calendar.

Once selected for the calendar, the girls rejoice a year of traveling around the country, providing their appearance in TV or radio shows, managing calendar signing, enjoying their lives as a celebrity personnel, and some of them also enjoy being recognized as the best-looking woman of the world.

Interesting Events:

On 3rd February, 2003, the world's first Hooters Casino Hotel opened. At this location, more than 200 Hooters Calendar girls are present along with great dining, 24/7 entertainment and >night life with pool parties.

Hooters Info:

Hooters are the trade name of two American chains restaurant: Hooters of America, Incorporated, at Atlanta, Georgia, and Hooters, Incorporated, October 4, 1983 at Clearwater, Florida. Hooters target male customers with serving waitresses, Hooters do employ males as cooks, busboys, and managers. From 1984, Robert H. Brooks collective increased Hooters brand from one restaurant to more than 425 stores worldwide. Hooters Casino Hotel was opened in February 2, 2006 at Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada, United States