Hooters Calendar

Hooters calendars are now famous worldwide for its exclusivity among the myriad of calendars that are published every year. Infact the 2006 edition of the hooters calendar has been estimated to make a sale of at least half a million copies worldwide. The speciality of a Hooters calendar lies in the pictures of specially selected Hooters girls from all across the United States and the jokes that fills the pages of the months. Hooters calendars are unique of its kind especially because the months are not arranged like any other conventional calendars.

The History of Hooters Calendars:

The year 2006 has been noted as the Hooters calendar's 21st birthday. The very first edition of the calendar was out in the few Hooters restaurants that existed in 1986. The initial edition made a big hit among the various purchasers and an astonishing number off 2,500 copies has been recorded to make sale around that time.

The Girls Selected for Hooters Calendar:

The girls that are featured in the calendars every year get the taste of fame and stardom through this. A number of girls are chosen from the countless number of entries that are made by the interested girls to the Hooters Calendar Photo Crew. These girls selected are then taken for an exclusive photoshoot sometimes to happening locations like Hawaii or Las Vegas or in the local area from where they have been selected.

It is then from these photos that the few best shots are singled out for the final selection of the calendar by the Photo Selection Calendar held at Clearwater, Florida. As much as 250 and above pictures are selected by the various judges that include Hooters owners, special celebrity guests, franchisee groups and several others for the calendar.

The Present Day Hooters Calendar:

Hooters calendar are widely popular, not only within the country but also across the world. They are famous for the pages that are filled with some of the most beautiful faces of the world as well as the jokes that make it a one of a kind calendar for purchase. Conventionally, most of the calendars are enabled with only note writing or birthday reminders.

With the Hooters calendar you can start off the day with a smile and easing the pain of the hectic life. The months in a Hooters calendar does not come in the typical order so you have to search for the current month whenever it is time to turn its pages. This especially enables in viewing the jokes and the pictures more than just once in a year. So, your purchase is just worth it!