Homemade Wedding Favors Ideas

Weddings celebrate the vows of a bridal couple, their desire to spend their life together, cherish and love each other. Guests at a wedding join the bridal couple in this solemn celebratory event by giving their blessings and a token of their happiness at the event. Wedding favors are a means by which the bride and her groom show their appreciation to the guests, favors reflect the fact that the bridal couple are honored by their guest’s  presence and wish to thank them.

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are usually some small useful item that the guests can utilize and in the process fondly remember the bridal couple. It is also a tradition that has evolved over the years and is as much a part of the wedding celebration as the cutting of the cake.

Wedding favors can be homemade personalized items or you can purchase them in bulk at a utility store. Favors can be expensive or bargain pieces, depending on your budget, whatever the case maybe, favors should reflect the appreciation of the bridal couple towards the guests.

Modern wedding favors usually reflect the theme of the wedding, as well the colors of the wedding. Favors have kept up with the changing times, but are still a time honored tradition.

Homemade Wedding Favors

Homemade wedding favors say more about the effort you have put in to the wedding than say, simply purchasing favors in bulk at some thrift store. A little part of your personality and elegance will always be attached to the favors that you handcraft. Plus the cost of handmade favors will be infinitely less and you can involve family and friends to help you.

Handmade Summer Wedding Favors

Summer reminds one of heat, a little cool breeze is what the guests’ desire. So an ideal choice would be small hand-held fans with oriental motifs on them. The guests can use them during the ceremony and also throughout the summer. For a beach or a casual wedding ceremony, paper fans in colors that complement the wedding can be used as favors. A more formal or traditional wedding can have velvet or silk lace fans as favors. You can purchase a bolt of silk lace and look up a craft site to learn how to make the fans. Involve friends and family, a few pieces will go waste but as you gain in confidence the resulting fans will be better. Similarly if you are crafting paper fans paint your spouse’ and your name on it.

Another fabulous idea for summer favors is environment friendly and one that will last for a long time. Since summer is also the time of growth, long before the wedding, purchase small pots and paint them in your wedding colors. Then plant an herb or a kitchen plant and watch it grow, till your wedding it will be a small bloom. Pack these plants in translucent paper and tie up with a bow. These are favors that will grow and flourish and if they can be transplanted to a garden, they can bring joy to generations.

On the other hand pack a few seeds in small handmade cardboard boxes, with small poems written on the top. Pack the box in a small re-usable bag with a drawstring. Or you can purchase some tulle or faux silk and cut into small napkin sizes. Put seeds into the napkin and tie with small green ribbons and attach small cards with seed instructions and the couple’s name on the back. Print the seed instructions on your home printer, but write your names with a glitter pen yourself.

If you are a good hand at baking bake differently shaped cookies in different flavors and wrap in colored paper and tie up with a bow and your guests have edible favors which will be over even before they reach home.

If your interest lies in cooking then prepare a CD of simple easy to make recipes that even a greenhorn can make and pack in a hand painted CD cover and enclose in tissue for your guests. This is a favor that will come in use often. Make sure the recipes are easy to make and reflect the season. For a summer wedding include recipes of differently flavored lemonades, squashes, salads and fruit salads.  

Handmade Winter Wedding Favors

Guests at a winter wedding are already chilled as a favor give hot chocolate packets wrapped in trendy paper or a spiced drink in small plastic bottles. You can purchase small bottles by the dozen and an economy large bottle of a spiced beverage. Simply pour in the bottles and tie the cork with a dainty ribbon in the color of the wedding.

Non alcoholic apple cider makes a good favor, once again pack the apple cider in personalized bottles with your name card attached.

Bags of green tea or herbal tea make excellent favors. Purchase green tea by the pound, simple spoon in two teaspoons, which is sufficient for four cups into delicate paper bags, gather the ends and secure with a string. Write your names on the bag with the date.

Place cards that you can make at home and print wedding theme fonts on the card are a good idea for favors. Guests love to see their individual names on the cards and they make good carry home items. Write your guest’s names with a gold glitter on each card, which adds the extra touch to make your guests feel special.

Another favor idea is to make small decorative ornaments that can later be re-used as Christmas decorations. Most do-it-yourself sites on the Internet offer craft advice and with materials available in your local art and craft shop you can make beautiful ornaments for your guests.

Pack sachets of potpourri or herbal scents in reusable small plastic bottles.

If you and your family are good at knitting, buy yarns of wool in the wedding color you have decided and knit mufflers, one for each family.

Burn a CD with your favorite music, starting with the Wedding March, followed by all the songs you like and end with a poem you have recited. It will offer your guests happy listening hours either while traveling or at home. Each time the CD plays your guests will remember you.

Wedding favors are essential and each bridal couple needs to budget for it. Handmade favors save on money and send a strong message that you are honored by your guest’s presence. Let your creative talents flow and you can come up with unique favor ideas. The Internet, wedding magazines and craft books are good places to gain inspiration from. Scout your local thrift shops, malls and craft shops for ideas and then set about making your own favors.