Homemade Carnival Games

Carnival games are becoming popular at every sort of parties and other functions. They are a fun and active way to celebrate the day. Arranging a carnival games needs a lot of planning and dedication and will be a great success if you take time arranging it. Today we can get most of the carnival games from market but if you really wish to you can make a number of games from scratches all by yourself. Presenting your own carnival games is a fun and making it and arranging it is a lot more fun if you can get one or two person willing to help you with everything.

Some carnival games you can make at home

Most of the games can be made at home if you are patient and dedicated to work and one more thing 'no messing around'. Take the help of someone who can sketch and paint well as making the games involves a lot of pictures and colors. You will need a lot of cardboard, sticky tapes, color pens, pins and a lot more hard work. But it is a promise that you will indeed be proud of yourself after you have completed the project and sees the result of all your games. Hurray for the games…

Feed The Lion

Can you draw a really big lion face on a white sheet? If you can, start drawing a real big one with an open mouth. Stick your lion onto a cardboard and cut the place where it has the mouth. Pin a net bag on the back of the mouth such that anything that goes through the mouth gets captured in the net. Now pin on this large hungry lion upright on a metal pole and start the game. If you can't draw a good lion, don’t worry, you can download a good one from the internet and take a print out. You should also arrange five to eight sets of balls that can easily pass through the mouth of the lion.

Hoop The Elephant

Draw a big elephant good and grey and make two large ears with construction paper. Paste the elephant face on a plywood board. At the place of the trunk, fix a hose pipe painted grey. Use thick metal wires to hold the trunk upright and curved up. Fix the elephant face on a wall or anything strong enough to support the trunk. You can cut as many rings out of an old plastic container and wrap it around with colored craft paper. Let the players throw the rings onto the elephant's trunk.

Pop The Balloon

Fix a cardboard onto a wall using sticky tapes and pins. You can either colour this cardboard in different color or cover it up using craft paper. Blow up a number of balloons and either pin it on the card board using press pins or stick it with sticky tapes. Draw a line twelve or ten feet away from the balloon wall which is the point from which the players should throw the dart at the balloon. You can get darts at market or else you can make it by inserting straight metal wire into a long rubber cork or even a small carrot. But take care not to make the point of the dart too sharp. A balloon can also be popped easily with the help of less sharp dart.

Ball Throw

Wash and dry at least six tins of baby food or milk powder. Choose the biggest ones you can find. Wrap the tins in colored paper and line these tins at a fixed distance from each other. If you cannot collect big tins, you can have anything in the shape of a tin and wrap it up bright and tight or you can make it rolling construction paper. Arrange balls that can go through the mouth of the tin without much difficulty. And let your players throw the balls into each of the tins one after the other, from the nearest to the farthest in the order.

Tin Pyramid

Collect soft drink cans and wash and dry it. Wrap it with white and red colored paper and arrange it in the form of a pyramid. You can make a pyramid using ten cans each. The arrangement should be firm and should not fall by every other throw. Fix a plywood stand at a height of four or five feet from ground on which the pyramid should be arranged. Let the players try to knock off each of the tins on the tin pyramid by aiming a ball at the arrangement.

Mouse Holes

Make a wall using a cardboard and paint the wall to give it a look of an old and falling apart wall. At the bottom cut three or four 'mouse holes' on it of different size. On each hole you can give a number or a name like miss mousy, little rat etc. do you have one or two golf stick? Then cover up the shabbiness and decorate it with ribbons and colors. Choose the ball for the game such that it just passes through the smallest hole. Let the player shoot the ball through the holes in the wall, if it enters the hole, the player wins and the prize given is determined by the size of the hole or the name of the hole through which the ball passes.

Guessing Game

Fill in three or four see through bottles with jelly beans or colored pebbles. Now let your player guess the number ofjelly bean or pebble in the bottle. Similarly, you can fill in a cloth bag with different colored balls. The player should guess the color of the ball he is going to take from the sack. If the color of the ball picked from the sack matches with the color he have guessed, he is the winner.

Anything you make need not be fool proof and up to the mark so it is always better to make the games at least a week before the event and testing it if it works properly. if it does not, make the necessary changes and test it again to make a completely working and fun carnival games.