Homecoming Dresses

Homecoming is the perfect time to don a formal dress and generate memories you will cherish for the whole of your life. Since homecoming is such an important event in your life, a nice homecoming dress deserves a worth consideration.

Find out the Trend

If you haven't enjoyed a homecoming dance before you must consider attending one. Get cues from your friends and classmates. Get an idea from them what styles of gowns are prevalent these days. This will enable you to shine on the occasion. Once you are aware of how to dress, you can choose something that will be perfect match for you as well as work within the established customary for you at the homecoming dance.

Find the Varieties

You must give yourself some options when you find for the perfect homecoming costume. Don't get stuck on a single dress and ignore all of the other styles available. This will not only restrict you, but it will also limit you from enjoying the shopping and getting ready for the occasion.

Explore Several Stores for Homecoming Dresses

short homecoming dressesExplore all the stores when you are searching for your homecoming dress. If feasible go to another town, find online, and visit several stores. This is a time to have fun, bond with your mom, and friends and find the perfect dress that enables you to look stunning among the beautiful young ladies at your homecoming dance.

Consider Weather

Choose your formal dress keeping in mind the weather as homecoming is organized in fall when weather is a bit cooler in the evening. It may not be preferable to go with a strapless dress or something too skimpy for this occasion. A capped sleeve or something elegantly off shoulder may be more acceptable for the weather. If you prefer the strapless feel you may want to find out about getting a shawl to keep you warm.

Ritual of Homecoming

The week prior to homecoming is a great week in high school. There are decorations in the hallways, parades, pep rallies, and contests. In Spirit Week, students dress up for several themes each day, which sometimes may include Twin Day or Pajama Day.

Generally on a Friday night, students gather and cheer on their high school football team. Every student wear school colors and many apply face paint to show their school pride. At the end of the match at night is a big celebration, the homecoming dance.

At the homecoming dance, the king and queen of the homecoming are generally announced. Then everyone dance and celebrates all night long. To grace the night wear a flirty and fun dress that suites you well.

2012 Homecoming Dresses

The Homecoming dresses are different than prom dresses, 2011 Quinceanera, 2011 formal prom gowns, or 2011 Quinceanera dresses. Homecoming dresses are typically shorter, above the knee and less formal. And several styles can work! Your dress can be strapless or a shalter. It can have ruffles, lace, or bows. If you want to look special, try a dress with polka-dots, beads or sequins.

You can wear dress of any color! If you want to keep it simple, stick to evergreen cute black attire. But the majority of girls will have homecoming dresses in several shades, like emerald, deep blue, red or gold. Since homecoming is in the fall season, so fall colors like red, plum, or orange are pleasant. Generally, since homecoming is at night, try look stunning in darker colors.
Lastly, it is not only homecoming dresses you can also try cocktail dresses.

Shoes for the Homecoming Dance

homecoming dresses typesAfter deciding your homecoming dress, think what kind of shoes you will select to wear. High heels will allow your legs look longer, particularly if the heels are strapless. And the high heels should synchronize with the dress.

If you are wearing a black dress, you can experiment with the shoes. Black dresses look good with almost every color and stuff, so don't be afraid of wearing purple, red, or gold shoes! If you select a colorful homecoming dress, silver or black will most likely match.

Most importantly, it is important to consider that you can walk and dance in your shoes! Several girls take off their high heels while dancing, but the floor may not be clean, and you are going to be walking around chatting with your friends on Homecoming night. If you feel uncomfortable walking in high heels, go for a cute pair dress up flats and wear them instead.

Makeup for the Homecoming Dance

Once you have your homecoming dress and shoes selected, have a thought what kind of makeup you will be wearing. Homecoming is all about having fun, so you can experiment with bright eye-shadow colors and glitter. To get inspirations, go through fashion magazines or get your make-up done at a beauty saloon. You can also paint your nails and use tanning lotion on your legs.

Accessories for Homecoming

Lastly, here come the accessories! Consider wearing a wild earrings and cute necklace! Homecoming is a grand celebration at the beginning of the school year which is filled with school zest, a marching band and a parade, so have fun and use your best accessories. They should be matching the festival and set the mood for the rest of the school year.

Advice for Homecoming

It is advisable to take pictures prior to leaving for your school's Homecoming dance and bring a camera along. Everyone loves to get their snaps taken and it can be a great ice-breaker at the starting of the school year to meet people.