Home Shopping Network


Home Shopping Network is a network which enables you to shop from home any time of the day and all days of the week. The network showcases products ranging from clothes, accessories, jewelry to electronic equipment, beauty products, home appliances, grocery and home improvement accessories through cable, satellite or terrestrial channels.

Home Shopping Network or HSN, as it is popularly known in the United States of America, was the brainchild of Lowell Bud Paxson and Roy Speer who started Home Shopping Club through a local cable channel in 1982 in Pinellas County in Florida.

Three years later on July 1, 1985, it was turned into a national shopping network from a local shopping club. Headquartered in St Petersburg in Florida, HSN caters its products to 89 million households in the United States. HSN's cable television network is one of the largest in the United States.

Besides cable network, HSN also sells its wares through its website www.hsn.com. It also brings out its catalog like Ballard designs, Garnet Hill, Improvements, Smith and Noble, and Travelsmith. HSN not only showcases products of some popular brands worldwide like Kodak, Samsung, Sharp, Cuisinart, Samsonite and Simmon, it has also developed its own brands like Andrew Lessman vitamins, Terry Lewis apparel and Bravetti kitchen products.

Close on the heels of launch of Home Shopping Network in 1985, QVC, Inc was launched by Joseph Segal in 1986. Headquartered in West Chester in Pennsylvania, QVC has its regional chapters in US, UK, Germany and Japan. QVC telecast programs on different categories round the clock so that a person can shop any time of the day and on any day according to his or her own convenience.

QVC US has a reach of 87 million households while 15.4 million households have access to QVC UK. Launched in 1996, QVC Deutschland GmbH has a reach of more than 35 million households while QVC Japan, which was launched in 2001, reaches 14 million households. Around 250 new products spread across different categories are launched every week by QVC.

Advantages of Shopping through Home Shopping Networks:

1. Shopping through such networks helps you to save time, money and effort. You no longer need to scour different shops to buy different things as you can get all of them from one place while sitting at your home.

Most of these networks offer products at cheaper rates as compared to the same product available in the market. The reason being that most of these networks don't have too many physical outlets so they save their money on employees, rent and expenditure on other infrastructure which they pass on to the customers. You also don't need to wade through traffic rush to get to a shopping mall.

2. Shopping through such networks is very convenient since they work round the clock, enabling you to do shopping any time of the day according to your own convenience.

Payment Modes:

You can either pay by cash on delivery or credit card for the products you purchase from Home Shopping Networks.

It is advisable that you know beforehand the home shopping network's return and refund policies in case you receive a defective piece. It is always better to check the product before accepting the parcel in order to prevent hassles and agony in the future.

If you are too busy and don't have enough time on your hands to go to a nearby shopping mall for shopping or if you are tired, Home Shopping Network is the solution for all your problems.