Home and Garden


Home is where the heart is! It is a building comprising of four walls, is a place where a family shares their joys, sorrows, dreams, achievements and failures. Home is a place where different individuals with their distinct identities, tastes and personalities live under the same roof harmoniously.

Every home should have a personal touch of its occupants. It should also reflect the personalities of its occupants. Every room of the home -- be it bedroom, living room, kitchen and even bathroom -- should be designed in such a way that it conveys warmth and love and welcomes the visitors with open arms.


Bedroom is the most important part of any home as this is the place where its occupants share intimate and private moments. Bedroom should be designed to suit the personalities of its occupants. Furniture in the bedroom should be minimal. It should not be cluttered with artifacts or decorative pieces. Bedroom should be colored in light pastel colors as it helps its occupant to relax and rejuvenate. Bright colors should be generally avoided, as they are believed to disrupt sleep and create anxiety.

Different bedrooms can have different colors depending on the individual tastes of its occupants. Avoid keeping television set in abedroom, as it would affect sleep.

Living Room :

Living Room should be vibrant with positive energies as this is the place you will spend your most of the time, interacting with your family or entertaining your guests be it family or your friends. You can choose a concept for the design of your living room. If you want to have an informal look for your living room, you can plan low-seating arrangement. For that, you can buy low sofas or center table with less height or you can use mattresses for giving a bed-like look.

But if you want a formal look, you can choose from antique or oriental theme. You should choose furniture for your living room according to the theme you have selected. You should not clutter your living room will all kinds of curios, showpieces and decorative pieces. Instead select decorative pieces in such a way that it complements the overall look of yourliving room. It shouldn't look jarring or out of place.

Kitchen :

Kitchen too is an important part of your home as the food prepared here will help you to sustain yourself, keep you energized and ward off any diseases or infections. Great care should be taken while designing the kitchen. Make sure that water and fire elements like water tap and gas are kept at the right places. Also ensure that gas should not face the door, as it is believed it is an harbinger of ill health.

These days, kitchen and dining rooms are not separate as modular kitchens or open kitchens have become quite a rage. Make sure that workstation in thekitchen is not cluttered with too many utensils or kitchen appliances as it would hamper your efficiency and not leave a good impression with your guests.

Furnishings :

Furnishings like curtains and carpets should be chosen as per the decor of a room. You can either choose curtains, which are in contrast to the color of the walls or choose a color similar to the walls but a shade brighter so that it enhances the appeal of the room. For example if your walls are colored cream , you can buy maroon or brown curtains or if your walls are colored light pink color , you can buy bright pink curtains to jazz up your room. You should also take into consideration the kind offurniture used so that the overall impact of the room is pleasing to the eye. Carpets should be chosen according to the overall color scheme of the room.


Flooring of the home is another crucial aspect. You can choose from wood, tiles, granite or marble. But you must make sure that the floor is not too slippery, as it would lead to accidents. Wooden flooring is one of the best options for your bachelor pad, as it requires least maintenance.

Design of your home should be such that it invites lot of fresh air and natural light. A home, which is airy and bright, vibrates with positive energy and keeps its occupants in good spirits. On the other hand, a home, which is not exposed to natural light, appears to be dingy, no matter how big it is. It also leads to negative feelings like stress, depression and anxiety among its occupants.

Cleaning :

You should regularly dispose off clutter or any unwanted things be it clothes, old newspapers or broken furniture as it brings in negative energies and hinders growth of its occupants, be it on personal or professional front.

Regular cleaning would not only make your house look clean, it would also keep you away from stress, depression and anxieties and increase the life of your products.


If you have a garden in front of your house, make sure that grass and plants are regularly trimmed. Make sure that your garden is designed in such a way that it attracts the attention of every visitor to your home because as they say first impression is the best impression.

You should be very careful in choosing plants for your garden. Try to choose plants, which can grow in all kinds of seasons and require low maintenance. Also make sure that all plants complement the overall look of your garden. You can spruce up your garden by putting up water fountain, stone or clay sculptures and furniture made of wrought iron or plastic.

Deck up your home and be a proud owner with positive energies and happiness!.