Home Decorating Colors

Color plays a considerable role in not only in enhancing not only the beauty of your home, but also the ambiance. Many people don't understand how much color affects our mood and the feel of the room. Here are a few ideas and tips that will assist you generate home decorating color schemes that will build an inviting, cozy and comfortable home that you and your family will love.

Primary Rules for Creating an Appealing Color Scheme

When choosing colors for a room you must not use more than 2 or 3 shades to give it a decent look. One color should be the primary color of the room, while the rest two should complement the dominating shade. This transforms the look of the room to something really beautiful and colorful.
Many people opt for neutral colors, just because they are simple to accessorize. Also, it's simple to refresh the look without spending money on purchasing any new furniture and accents. If you like a bold, decent look, consider facilitating black and light home decorating color with a few bright splashes of red.

Neutral Colors are Chic and Simple

You can accept shades of black, white, gray and brown as the neutral colors. You can also choose any variations of colors, like cream, gold or beige. Adding these colors into your home decorating color scheme is simple, as these colors unify easily with most furnishings, specifically those that are made of leather and wood. Always ensure that darker shades and lighter shades are well balanced, in order to balance the other decors of the room.

Warm Colors Invite Comfort and Offer Rich Look to the Room

If you dream of rooms that are relaxing and rich, warm colors are the great choice. Take the inspiration from the colors witnessed in the fall, when leaves are orange, golden, and russet; forest greens and brown tones catapults the comfortable, inviting atmosphere.

Some Hot Color Schemes

White and Golden Yellow

Find yourself in a kitchen or bathroom done in a bright sunny golden yellow typically matched with lot of white. A few darker shades of dark wood, bronze, or little black add a tincture of elegance.

Pink and Chocolate Brown

Straight from the fashion world to your sweet home, pink continues to be an all time hit in the shades of light color schemes to the brightest watermelon. A secondary hue in dark brown offers pink a new elegance and flaunts it off with style.

Tan and Black

Neutral tans throw the added punch as a background for modern home decorating colors and stylish black furnishings. Spice things up with creamy ivory and lots of glowing accents in silver, gold and ivory.

Wild Bright

Spruce up your interiors with splashes of summer home decorating colors viz. kiwi green, hot pink, ocean aqua, and bright orange. People staying in warm climates may wish to facilitate these colors through out the house.

Walnut and Pale Sage Green

Variations of light greens can span from yellow based to dusty or to a bit on the blue-green side. Choose your best and match it with furnishings in dark walnut brown. Bright white trim and feel of a warm golden yellow will be all you require to generate a restful retreat.

White and Navy Blue

Classic nautical, blue and white combination can do wonders with almost any theme or design of furniture. Try the color combination with blue on a porch, with bright orange in a contemporary living area, with light yellow in a kitchen, or with delicate green in a bedroom.

Pastel and Pale Tan

Begin with your best pastel (green, light pink, blue, or butter) and accent with essence of low camel tan and whites. This scheme can be a great combination when homeowners are not coming to a mutual home decorating color compromise.

Pale Blue and a Neutral

Light pale blue is a great home decorating color which provides a soothing look for any room. It’s a color that blends aptly with cream, brown, white, and black along with glittering colors of white ironstone, glass, and silver.

Red and Golden Yellow

Do you like your home to be splashed with warm, welcoming colors? Light yellow walls stretch morning light to any room, while reds showcase a strong punch of shade in fabrics, furnishing and rugs. Keep the appealing and refreshing look by using this combination.


Any color is proliferated to a new shine when done in a tone-on-tone scheme. It may be wall papers with stripes in a pair of shades, a wallpaper or fabric that display a damask pattern on a similarly-shadesbackground. The effect is decent, versatile and soothing.


To help you choose the home decorating colors, pay specific attention to the colors of nature, the skies, mountains, forests, and fields, as it all offer myriads of ideas. Apply the above tips while selecting home decorating colors and you will find rooms that are not only attractive to the eye, but sensual to the senses as well.