Home Decoration within a Budget

Whether you have moved into a new home from your parents, or trying to make your dorm housing more homey, or are setting up home with a partner for the first time, Home decoration can be a daunting and expensive task. Here are some proven tips to help you give yourself a home facelift without breaking the bank.

Add a Dash of Fresh Paint/ Wall Paper:

Sometimes the easiest makeover for a room can be achieved by adding a fresh coat of paint. Paint is also the most cost efficient part of the decorating budget. You can paint either to the whole room or just one  or two walls which can serve as an accentuate the room. A coat of paint helps refresh the room and change its mood or personality. Choose a shade of paint that will accentuate the features of the room, or based on what the room will be used for. Wall paper is a good alternative/ addition to painting the walls.

Pick up Accessories that Add Character:

Like accessorizing while dressing, a few interesting pieces can add a lot more value than we think. Candles are a very inexpensive way to spruce up a room and set the mood. Framed inexpensive maps can be used on an accent wall instead of spending tonnes of money on art work. Photos are a great way to personalise a room and add character. Stacks of books on a corner table add interest. Displaying some interesting china or knick knacks from travels, or even sea shells collected from a beach holiday can add charm to your decor without breaking the bank.

Shop for Discounts:

Shopping at a discount store (even online ones) is a great way of decorating on a budget. Sometimes stores will offer an article at less than half the price because it may be the last piece or the line has been discontinued. Look around to find things that are interesting and timeless. Keeping an eye out for off season sales or at the end if a festive season can land you a jackpot at an unbelieveable price. A word of caution tho, shopping at discount stores sometimes can become an addiction and you may end up accumulating articles which may have no apparent use, just because it was marked down.

One Piece of Accent Furniture:

it may be worthwhile to build a room around one piece of accent furniture. It could be an antique chair or a chest or even a lovely carved table. If you do not already have something like this in your possession, it is worth it to invest some money to acquire something around which an entire room can be built. In the long run, having one solid quality piece works out much more budget friendly than several cheap ones which may need frequent replacement or repair.

Adding Lighting to a Room:

Lighting is another very inexpensive way of changing or upgrading decor. One accent lighting piece such as a pendant lamp or chandelier can simply change the look of a room and draw attention to itself. Adding table lamps, rope lights or placing lamps behind furniture or plants is also a way of addinginterest to a room on a budget.

Move the Furniture:

Moving the furniture around the room is one way of changing the decoration of the room, by creating more space. Shifting furniture into other rooms helps mix it up a bit, changing the layout of existing furniture and creating more utility. For instance, if moving the sofa to another part of the room creates more space, you can add inexpensive floor cushions or a pouf to add seating space. Adding a small table to the bedroom can serve as a bedside storage option.

Add inexpensive Accents:

Adding soft furnishings like a nicely patterned rug for the floor, or a bright cushion to a sofa is a budget friendly way of decorating. A cushion or a throw can upgrade a boring old sofa in a fraction of what it would cost to reupholster. It also takes away the accent on an older piece of furniture by drawing attention to itself. A piece of inexpensive art for the wall is a good way of adding a splash of colour on a budget. Adding a fresh set of curtains can dramatically change the look of the room. If the walls are pale coloured, a bright set of curtains will look beautiful and vice versa. Adding a colourful basket can help remove unsightly mail from the console table.

Use Plants for Decor:

Potted plants, strategically placed in corners can instantly freshen up the look of a room. Smaller plants such as succulents can be used for table tops or shelves and counters. Adding a few potted kitchen herbs is a beautiful way to add decor on a shoestring budget to the kitchen.

Add Flowers:

Flowers are another inexpensive way to add colour to a room. Buy a bunch of mixed blooms with greens, stick them in water in interesting vases, bottles or even float them in a shallow dish. Be sure to change the water every day to make them last longer and place them in the living room,bedroom or beside a mirror or a bedside table to add instant cheer.